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30 on the 30th!

My twenties are officially over. I am 30 years old. 30 on the 30th (I get a kick out of saying that!)

I have mixed feelings about turning the big 3-0; On the one hand, I liked my twenties, they were fun, and I really don’t want to get older, but on the other hand, I’m feeling much more focused now and am happier having a husband and loving furbabies.

Turning 30 has made me realize that time is fleeting and I need to improve my daytime and nighttime careers now. I have started applying for a better job and am becoming more prolific artistically. Other possible career avenues have also formed in my head, as back up plans, in case things continue to stagnate in my administrative role.

This age has also made me realize that even though my career is not so hot at the moment, I am happy domestically. Many women my age are having or have already had children. Hubby’s friends ask us all the time when we will reproduce. I remember an old coworker saying to me that once you turn 30, your biological clock goes into overtime and you suddenly want babies.

Granted I’ve only been 30 for ten hours, but honestly right now, that is not true. People may not like it or ‘get it’, but I am very happy being childfree. My focus is on my artwork, not babies. Perhaps that will change in the future and that crazy old clock will start ticking, but for now, I am happy with only being responsible for my pets. But if we do decide to have kids down the road, I don’t want to give up on making artwork, it is far too important for me. My family is important, but not to the extent of me sacrificing what I have really wanted since I was little and that is to be a fairly well-known artist and possible teacher.

My plans for today will be going to a restaurant for dinner and drinks. I plan on drinking. ALOT. One more drunken night to say goodbye to my twenties and hello to my thirties. A new chapter, a better one.



Christmas recap

This post is late, but with a week off from computers, I haven’t been feeling like being in front of one for extended periods of time. Christmas was good. However, Christmas eve was a bit of a panic. While packing and getting ready for lunch at my grandmother’s, followed by driving to Hubby’s parents and spending the night, Hubby realized that he lost the present my mother asked him to buy for my father. (It was supposed to be a gift to my dad from her since she wasn’t able to find this item in time and we were going to quietly pass it to her at lunch) So on the way we stopped at Walmart.

Hubby trotted off into the store and I spotted an EB Games store across the lot. I had been meaning to buy Hubby a gift certificate from there for awhile but never got the chance. So I ran like a crazy person all the way there, where I gasped at the salesclerk:”Need gift certificate. Husband distracted. Go! Go! Go!”

The salesclerk laughed and ran it through quickly and I was feeling pretty clever until I ran back to the Walmart parking lot and realized that I couldn’t find the damn car! The parking lot was huge, packed with cars and the sun was at an angle that made it very hard to see, so I wandered around in circles, until finally Hubby called my cell and asked “What the hell are you doing? Why are you running around the parking lot?”

When we finally found each other, I muttered some excuse about a shoe related emergency at a nearby Payless and he gave me a look. (Similar to the one the store clerk gave me) I really could have done without re-enacting a Seinfeld episode on Christmas eve!

Anyways, we arrived late at my Grandmother’s for lunch and some of my father’s family was there. It was eerily quiet and my requests for music went unanswered. Conversation with your neighbour resulted in having the floor, with everyone listening to what you were saying. After yummy Tofurkey, I went to an adjoining room and sat down next to my cousin, who is studying to be a vet tech. She regaled me (and thus the entire room) about different kinds of parasites that animals can contract and what they look like.  Nobody seemed too hungry after listening to that!  It’s great that my cousin is pursuing her passion though and I hope she succeeds in the program. (The vet tech program is incredibly difficult, so you pretty much need passion to push through it!)

Christmas Day was good. Hubby got me some astronomy equipment and two days ago, we went to the off-leash park to try them out. It was great! I plopped down on my back and looked up with my new binoculars. It was so sublime that I forgot how cold it was. Winter can be tough, but there are some beautiful constellations out right now, which helps take your mind off all the snow, ice and frigid weather.

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday and on New Years we will be going to my parents new place to spend Christmas with them. Quite the week! How has yours been?

Stargazing book photo from:

Holiday Preparations

Last weekend was my annual trip to the Originals Christmas Craft Sale at Lansdowne. As predicted it was busy and the vendors looked a bit more tired than usual. I have to give them props though, The Craft Sale takes endurance and after a couple hours, I was exhausted, so I couldn’t imagine doing it for a week or two! (I also posted photos of this event on my other blog. Hint, hint!;))

Browsing the wares with my camera and asking if I could take photos resulted in a range of reactions, from “sure” to “hell no!” (O.k maybe not literally but some were pretty adverse to the idea)

I got into some pretty interested conversations with some of them though. ie:

Me to vendor: “So why did you start making these beautiful items?”

Him: “To meet women!”

Me: “Oh. Well that’s a noble reason”

Me to a clothing vendor: “Can I take photos of your works? It’s for a website”

Clothing vendor: “You can from far away, but not up close. Our pieces are one of a kind and we don’t want to risk people copying them”

Me: “O.k. No problem”

After leaving her booth, I walked around the corner and discovered another booth selling pretty much the same “style” as the clothing vendor. If you’re displaying stuff in public there is always a risk of copying whether someone takes a photo or not and this same company also has a website, which increases the risk as well! Plus, nothing is really 100% original. Lots of people get the same ideas for new products, doesn’t necessarily mean one copied the other.

But in her defense, she was just watching the booth for her seamstress friend and couldn’t really make any executive decisions like that. Some people just aren’t cool with having their works photographed. I tried not to take it personally and respect their wishes.

After picking up some more gifts, we went our separate ways, both tired but content. My mom proceeded to Bulk Barn to buy a pound of flaked coconut, that Spencer (aka. Slimer) promptly consumed while her back was turned. Last year, it was four boxes of brandy beans (boxes included) that Slimer hoovered down, this year, it’s coconut. That dog has a stomach of steel!

As for the rest of the weekend for me, Hubby and I put up our mini fake tree, which the cats love:

I couldn’t find a skirt so I put a cat blanket under the tree. They now seem to think this new piece of decoration is strictly for their use and enjoy fighting and sleeping underneath it. Sleeping is fine, but the fighting..nuh uh!

This weekend, I also finished my holiday shopping, sent off the last of my cards in the mail and ordered not one, but two Tofurkeys! Now all that’s left is baking!

It’s not “being nice” if you’re an asshat about it afterwards!

After work, I exited the front entrance of my building to walk to the bus stop. It’s a bit of a longer walk than going out the sides, but the side roads have been under construction for months now so I had to leave through the main entrance.

Anyways, there I was, walking quickly down the sidewalk, dragging my work bag behind me and breathing in freezing cold winds that burned my lungs, when I noticed my bus. Crap! I ran down the sidewalk, only to have the driver put on his turn light and start to pull away.

“Wait!” I yell, waving my arms. I am not going to wait a half hour in the freezing cold for another bus. No way! When he suddenly stops.”Thank you!” I pant as I board.

“I was just moving a bit to be nice to the bus behind me,” the driver says defensively

“Oh, I gasp, “I thought you were driving away”

“No, he complains, “and you didn’t have to freak out and lose it”

“What? ” I stammer, still out of breath (I’m just a little out of shape!) and starting to get pissed off, “You would get mad too if you were running to catch your bus and thought they were going to leave you stranded in the cold!”

I’m not sure if he heard me or not, since I was still panting and a bit dumbfounded at his assholery. Yes, I flagged him down when I thought he was going to leave without me. Some drivers do that. Some like to yell at you too, like one a few weeks ago who bellowed the last stop at me as I was getting off.

While OC Transpo does have some friendly and very decent drivers, the ones that are assholes for no reason at all, other than a personality and intelligence defect, really need to find another job! We pay enough for the “pleasure” of riding these buses, and at the end of the day, the last thing any of us need is to start fighting with someone whose job is to help us get home!



Parties and a New Blog!

This past week was filled with work Holiday parties. My work’s holiday lunch was last Wednesday and Hubby’s was at a nice hotel on Friday night. We also got a new computer that turned out to be a huge pain that took up the whole weekend. It was ready, it wasn’t ready, the cd drivers weren’t working, so it had to be returned..ah! On Friday night, I rushed home, put on a new outfit I bought for the occasion and asked Hubby if it would be o.k. if I took pictures.  He said it would be fine and off we went to the fancy hotel for dinner, dessert, dancing and schmoozing with the big wigs. Shortly upon arriving, I took out my camera and practically every person we talked to said “Oh so you’re the official photographer? Great! Where did you study photography?”

Uh…The International School of Trial and Error and I’m too broke to buy a real DSLR and take classes? 😉

It was a good night though. The conversation flowed and the food was good. I can’t share any of the photos here but I will be sending them to Hubby’s office manager. Here’s hoping she likes them!

Saturday night was the annual Gallery 101 art auction. The theme of the auction is the “Seven Deadly Sins” and this year’s was Wrath. Glenn, the organizer, worked hard to put this show together and he did a great job. There were tons of people all drinking, eating and enjoying the beautiful rage.

Andrée-Martine Normandin “Le Cri de la Colère”

After doing some more tours of the art, we had to leave. We could have stayed longer but Hubby was still stressed about the computer and my feet could only stand to be in heels for so long (It was my second night in them) This lady, doesn’t really “do” ladies shoes. At my next event, I will be wearing running shoes or boots. They are much more conducive to taking photos!

On the ride home, I realized that it would be better to have an actual separate site  for arts and cultural events, away from my more personal experiences, so last night I created my latest site:

It replaces my other blog-Perfecting my Perspective-and will be a hybrid of local events along with some of my most recent sketches. So there will still be drawings, but hopefully some great photos and descriptions of those involved in the Ottawa art community as well.

A more complete description of the Gallery 101 event will be on there soon! As mentioned, our computer is new, and I don’t have photo imaging software yet, so I still have to edit my photos.  But please check back at the site later, there should be posts soon! 🙂