Parties and a New Blog!

This past week was filled with work Holiday parties. My work’s holiday lunch was last Wednesday and Hubby’s was at a nice hotel on Friday night. We also got a new computer that turned out to be a huge pain that took up the whole weekend. It was ready, it wasn’t ready, the cd drivers weren’t working, so it had to be returned..ah! On Friday night, I rushed home, put on a new outfit I bought for the occasion and asked Hubby if it would be o.k. if I took pictures.  He said it would be fine and off we went to the fancy hotel for dinner, dessert, dancing and schmoozing with the big wigs. Shortly upon arriving, I took out my camera and practically every person we talked to said “Oh so you’re the official photographer? Great! Where did you study photography?”

Uh…The International School of Trial and Error and I’m too broke to buy a real DSLR and take classes? 😉

It was a good night though. The conversation flowed and the food was good. I can’t share any of the photos here but I will be sending them to Hubby’s office manager. Here’s hoping she likes them!

Saturday night was the annual Gallery 101 art auction. The theme of the auction is the “Seven Deadly Sins” and this year’s was Wrath. Glenn, the organizer, worked hard to put this show together and he did a great job. There were tons of people all drinking, eating and enjoying the beautiful rage.

Andrée-Martine Normandin “Le Cri de la Colère”

After doing some more tours of the art, we had to leave. We could have stayed longer but Hubby was still stressed about the computer and my feet could only stand to be in heels for so long (It was my second night in them) This lady, doesn’t really “do” ladies shoes. At my next event, I will be wearing running shoes or boots. They are much more conducive to taking photos!

On the ride home, I realized that it would be better to have an actual separate site  for arts and cultural events, away from my more personal experiences, so last night I created my latest site:

It replaces my other blog-Perfecting my Perspective-and will be a hybrid of local events along with some of my most recent sketches. So there will still be drawings, but hopefully some great photos and descriptions of those involved in the Ottawa art community as well.

A more complete description of the Gallery 101 event will be on there soon! As mentioned, our computer is new, and I don’t have photo imaging software yet, so I still have to edit my photos.  But please check back at the site later, there should be posts soon! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Parties and a New Blog!

  1. Pauline Post author

    Laura-Thanks and it’s just been updated! Thank you for sending me that job posting. Unfortunately, I don’t have a communications degree or five years experience in that kind of role in the government. (Considering the pay, I wish I did though!)
    Thoughtsappear-It was a cool theme and I wish you lived closer to here too! 🙂

  2. Pearl

    Heads up, once the blogs start dividing they get the hang of this binary division things. I have 8 or so now…

    but fun to play the official photographer sometimes.

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