It’s not “being nice” if you’re an asshat about it afterwards!

After work, I exited the front entrance of my building to walk to the bus stop. It’s a bit of a longer walk than going out the sides, but the side roads have been under construction for months now so I had to leave through the main entrance.

Anyways, there I was, walking quickly down the sidewalk, dragging my work bag behind me and breathing in freezing cold winds that burned my lungs, when I noticed my bus. Crap! I ran down the sidewalk, only to have the driver put on his turn light and start to pull away.

“Wait!” I yell, waving my arms. I am not going to wait a half hour in the freezing cold for another bus. No way! When he suddenly stops.”Thank you!” I pant as I board.

“I was just moving a bit to be nice to the bus behind me,” the driver says defensively

“Oh, I gasp, “I thought you were driving away”

“No, he complains, “and you didn’t have to freak out and lose it”

“What? ” I stammer, still out of breath (I’m just a little out of shape!) and starting to get pissed off, “You would get mad too if you were running to catch your bus and thought they were going to leave you stranded in the cold!”

I’m not sure if he heard me or not, since I was still panting and a bit dumbfounded at his assholery. Yes, I flagged him down when I thought he was going to leave without me. Some drivers do that. Some like to yell at you too, like one a few weeks ago who bellowed the last stop at me as I was getting off.

While OC Transpo does have some friendly and very decent drivers, the ones that are assholes for no reason at all, other than a personality and intelligence defect, really need to find another job! We pay enough for the “pleasure” of riding these buses, and at the end of the day, the last thing any of us need is to start fighting with someone whose job is to help us get home!




10 thoughts on “It’s not “being nice” if you’re an asshat about it afterwards!

  1. Pearl

    It would be completely in keeping with his coworkers if he just drove off. Time point to make, individuals be cold. Yet you do meet a nice one now and then. More often eye rolls or glazed grunt wishing they were anywhere but driving.

  2. Laura Best

    I’ve always said it doesn’t seem to matter who all is friendly and nice to us, it is those few assholes that we remember and that is unfortunate. Is a YA author allowed to write asshole? LOL!

  3. Pauline Post author

    Thoughtsappear-I should have said that! 😉 I hope that he was just temporary, because that bus is the one that I’m on the longest.
    Kate-LOL. So they’re not little balls of sunshine either eh?
    Pearl-Exactly! Doesn’t he see that? (Guess not with his head shoved so far up his ass)
    Kilax-Most people would have thought that!
    Laura Best-So true. Anger is a powerful emotion, so you tend to remember the assholes very well. Personally, I just want to forget about them completely after awhile!
    Leishieloo-D-bag indeed!

  4. Marie

    I think it’s a requirement that some bus drivers are nothing short of asshats. In all places that have buses that is. And how did he not get that he seemed like he was driving away?? Sheesh.

  5. Pauline Post author

    Marie-They have a tough job, but they must know that when they sign on. But oddly enough, I know a guy from high school who now drives a bus and he loves it! So, I guess some are just assholes. (They are in every type of employment unfortunately. I just think OC should be more strict about who they hire because these drivers can cause accidents and kill people very easily)

  6. Hippie Cahier

    I drive to work in a teeny-tiny little car that is always getting muscled over by the busses. I used to have fantasies about telling them just what I thought about them, and then it was revealed that an alarming percentage of Metrobus drivers in my city are convicted felons. I hope that wasn’t the case with your guy, but it sounds like a possibility. How uncool of him.

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