Holiday Preparations

Last weekend was my annual trip to the Originals Christmas Craft Sale at Lansdowne. As predicted it was busy and the vendors looked a bit more tired than usual. I have to give them props though, The Craft Sale takes endurance and after a couple hours, I was exhausted, so I couldn’t imagine doing it for a week or two! (I also posted photos of this event on my other blog. Hint, hint!;))

Browsing the wares with my camera and asking if I could take photos resulted in a range of reactions, from “sure” to “hell no!” (O.k maybe not literally but some were pretty adverse to the idea)

I got into some pretty interested conversations with some of them though. ie:

Me to vendor: “So why did you start making these beautiful items?”

Him: “To meet women!”

Me: “Oh. Well that’s a noble reason”

Me to a clothing vendor: “Can I take photos of your works? It’s for a website”

Clothing vendor: “You can from far away, but not up close. Our pieces are one of a kind and we don’t want to risk people copying them”

Me: “O.k. No problem”

After leaving her booth, I walked around the corner and discovered another booth selling pretty much the same “style” as the clothing vendor. If you’re displaying stuff in public there is always a risk of copying whether someone takes a photo or not and this same company also has a website, which increases the risk as well! Plus, nothing is really 100% original. Lots of people get the same ideas for new products, doesn’t necessarily mean one copied the other.

But in her defense, she was just watching the booth for her seamstress friend and couldn’t really make any executive decisions like that. Some people just aren’t cool with having their works photographed. I tried not to take it personally and respect their wishes.

After picking up some more gifts, we went our separate ways, both tired but content. My mom proceeded to Bulk Barn to buy a pound of flaked coconut, that Spencer (aka. Slimer) promptly consumed while her back was turned. Last year, it was four boxes of brandy beans (boxes included) that Slimer hoovered down, this year, it’s coconut. That dog has a stomach of steel!

As for the rest of the weekend for me, Hubby and I put up our mini fake tree, which the cats love:

I couldn’t find a skirt so I put a cat blanket under the tree. They now seem to think this new piece of decoration is strictly for their use and enjoy fighting and sleeping underneath it. Sleeping is fine, but the fighting..nuh uh!

This weekend, I also finished my holiday shopping, sent off the last of my cards in the mail and ordered not one, but two Tofurkeys! Now all that’s left is baking!


8 thoughts on “Holiday Preparations

  1. Laura

    Funny the different responses you got about taking pictures. I laugh at your Christmas tree/cat experience, I can totally relate. We can’t be surpised though…after all, we did put up at tree JUST for the cats, right? Tofurkey – is it really that good? I’d like to see a photo of that please. 🙂

  2. Laura Best

    I can’t seem to get in gear. Maybe once the weekend’s over. That will be my last time out to finish up shopping… Sounds like you have everything under control.

  3. Pauline Post author

    Laura-Everything is for cats according to cats. As for Tofurkey, it is a good product and I like it. Coming from 27 years of experience of eating meat (I quit when I was 28 or 29), however, I do have to say that it still doesn’t taste as good as actual turkey, but it’s pretty darn close!
    I can take photos, no problem.:)
    Thoughtsappear-Hmm, tree, nom nom!

  4. Pauline Post author

    Laura Best-It can be hard to muster the energy, but you should do it fast! Time is running out!
    Pattypunker-LOL. Yep! Most men go to bars, this guy goes to the craft market! 😉

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