Christmas recap

This post is late, but with a week off from computers, I haven’t been feeling like being in front of one for extended periods of time. Christmas was good. However, Christmas eve was a bit of a panic. While packing and getting ready for lunch at my grandmother’s, followed by driving to Hubby’s parents and spending the night, Hubby realized that he lost the present my mother asked him to buy for my father. (It was supposed to be a gift to my dad from her since she wasn’t able to find this item in time and we were going to quietly pass it to her at lunch) So on the way we stopped at Walmart.

Hubby trotted off into the store and I spotted an EB Games store across the lot. I had been meaning to buy Hubby a gift certificate from there for awhile but never got the chance. So I ran like a crazy person all the way there, where I gasped at the salesclerk:”Need gift certificate. Husband distracted. Go! Go! Go!”

The salesclerk laughed and ran it through quickly and I was feeling pretty clever until I ran back to the Walmart parking lot and realized that I couldn’t find the damn car! The parking lot was huge, packed with cars and the sun was at an angle that made it very hard to see, so I wandered around in circles, until finally Hubby called my cell and asked “What the hell are you doing? Why are you running around the parking lot?”

When we finally found each other, I muttered some excuse about a shoe related emergency at a nearby Payless and he gave me a look. (Similar to the one the store clerk gave me) I really could have done without re-enacting a Seinfeld episode on Christmas eve!

Anyways, we arrived late at my Grandmother’s for lunch and some of my father’s family was there. It was eerily quiet and my requests for music went unanswered. Conversation with your neighbour resulted in having the floor, with everyone listening to what you were saying. After yummy Tofurkey, I went to an adjoining room and sat down next to my cousin, who is studying to be a vet tech. She regaled me (and thus the entire room) about different kinds of parasites that animals can contract and what they look like.  Nobody seemed too hungry after listening to that!  It’s great that my cousin is pursuing her passion though and I hope she succeeds in the program. (The vet tech program is incredibly difficult, so you pretty much need passion to push through it!)

Christmas Day was good. Hubby got me some astronomy equipment and two days ago, we went to the off-leash park to try them out. It was great! I plopped down on my back and looked up with my new binoculars. It was so sublime that I forgot how cold it was. Winter can be tough, but there are some beautiful constellations out right now, which helps take your mind off all the snow, ice and frigid weather.

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday and on New Years we will be going to my parents new place to spend Christmas with them. Quite the week! How has yours been?

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11 thoughts on “Christmas recap

  1. Laura

    I think you were in my neck of the woods by the store/parking lot description Pauline. 🙂 Tomorrow is your champagne birthday – very cool. Hope your birthday is full of giggles and great fun.

  2. Marie

    That reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where they parked in a mall parking lot and then couldn’t find the car. There’s a Seinfeld episode for everything in life! Next time (if there is one) just tell him you had to run to the bathroom. 😉

    Have a lovely birthday tomorrow and happy, happy birthday!

  3. pinklea

    Hey Pauline, I didn’t know that you were a fellow Capricorn (well, maybe I did, but at my advanced age, I forget things easily 😉 ). Have a wonderful birthday, and stay out of parking lots!

  4. The Quack

    Unfortunately, finding a clear Winter’s even in Vancouver is tricky … hope you continue having fun with your presents! And a VERY Happy Birthday … you must tell me how 30 feels as I’m currently dreading it. Lol!

  5. Hippie Cahier

    I love the Seinfeld episode re-enactment. “Go-go-go!” cracked me up.

    Families are so great. Years from now you’ll cherish the animal parasite conversation…maybe.

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