30 on the 30th!

My twenties are officially over. I am 30 years old. 30 on the 30th (I get a kick out of saying that!)

I have mixed feelings about turning the big 3-0; On the one hand, I liked my twenties, they were fun, and I really don’t want to get older, but on the other hand, I’m feeling much more focused now and am happier having a husband and loving furbabies.

Turning 30 has made me realize that time is fleeting and I need to improve my daytime and nighttime careers now. I have started applying for a better job and am becoming more prolific artistically. Other possible career avenues have also formed in my head, as back up plans, in case things continue to stagnate in my administrative role.

This age has also made me realize that even though my career is not so hot at the moment, I am happy domestically. Many women my age are having or have already had children. Hubby’s friends ask us all the time when we will reproduce. I remember an old coworker saying to me that once you turn 30, your biological clock goes into overtime and you suddenly want babies.

Granted I’ve only been 30 for ten hours, but honestly right now, that is not true. People may not like it or ‘get it’, but I am very happy being childfree. My focus is on my artwork, not babies. Perhaps that will change in the future and that crazy old clock will start ticking, but for now, I am happy with only being responsible for my pets. But if we do decide to have kids down the road, I don’t want to give up on making artwork, it is far too important for me. My family is important, but not to the extent of me sacrificing what I have really wanted since I was little and that is to be a fairly well-known artist and possible teacher.

My plans for today will be going to a restaurant for dinner and drinks. I plan on drinking. ALOT. One more drunken night to say goodbye to my twenties and hello to my thirties. A new chapter, a better one.

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19 thoughts on “30 on the 30th!

  1. Marie

    Happy birthday lady!!!! Wishing you the very best! Go party your socks off and have a wonderful time! I promise you, 30s are quite fab. πŸ™‚

    Oh and p.s. don’t listen to people about if and when to have kids. Only you and your hubby will know if and when. But I know you already knew that.

  2. Laura

    Happy Birthday Pauline! Cheers to you and a super fun night with drinks. I found my thirties exciting and a big learning curve. I hope being 30 exceeds all your expectations. πŸ™‚

  3. Alissa

    I understand your child-freeness! I’m turning 30 on 9/10/11 and I’m childfree. I don’t feel the NEED to procreate either.

    Happy birthday and enjoy your 30’s. I have a lot to accomplish careerwise as well!

  4. leashieloo

    Happy birthday! I turned 28 a few days ago and am getting worried about the big 3-0. My goal is to accomplish a little more than I have in the next two years. I hope I manage to pull that off.

  5. Blueberry

    Happy Birthday! And don’t worry about that old bio clock. I heard the same thing from people but still waiting for the alarms – didn’t happen.

  6. kilax

    Your golden birthday! Happy 30th!!!

    I hope to be as sensible as you when I reach 30! I can totally relate on the childfree thing πŸ™‚

  7. Lynn

    I’m a little late catching up but wanted to stop in and say Happy Birthday! Hope it was an amazing day and a very Happy New Year!

  8. Hippie Cahier

    Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you are in a lovely place. Enjoy that and keep on doing things your own way.

    Happy New Year, too!

    I’m sorry to be so late in delivering greetings. Trying to get back on track.

  9. Kate

    Happy 30th! AND it’s your Golden Birthday — awesome! I can only hope your 30s are as great as mine have been so far. Hope you had a fantastic celebration!

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