New and Improved Drawing Class!

Last night was the first class of my new drawing class. I call it Sketching 2.0, a much needed upgrade to the last one taught by a nincompoop!

After the long trek home and eating dinner, I zoomed over to the Shenkman Centre. It turns out I didn’t need to rush, because the room was fairly easy to find (Well, o.k they put the wrong room in the description but the correct one was right across the hall and the only one that was lit) I walked into a large studio to find a blond woman drawing the different types of pencils on the black board. The instructor-Bryna Cohen-turned around and we got to talking. Conversation was relaxed and there was no weirdness or bullshit. She said that there wouldn’t be a model for the first class because she wanted to cover some other stuff first, but promised that the model would be present for next week and the weeks that followed.

Soon the other students-Two teenage girls and an older woman showed up and we got to work. Our first exercise came fresh out of “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain“. We had to reproduce a Picasso drawing upside down and let me tell you, it was no easy feat, but it really reinforced the importance of breaking images down to their basic shapes. Here is mine:

Β After finishing that exercise, we explored shading, visual memory and created some self portraits, using mirrors propped up on upside down yogurt containers. (Mine isn’t done so I won’t be posting it yet) Bryna is very well educated in visual arts, attending quite a few art schools over the years and has been teaching for 20+ years. In other words, unlike said nincompoop, the woman knows her stuff! And that’s the way it should be! No one should be allowed to instruct others unless they know what they are doing and serve as an inspiring, positive, relaxed force. Bryna exemplified these characteristics in the class and I immediately felt comfortable and eager to learn. I’m really looking forward to future classes and hope they are as great as the first one.


13 thoughts on “New and Improved Drawing Class!

  1. pattypunker

    you have some mad skillz – so glad you’re cultivating them. i always thought of taking a painting class, but i’ve never even had an art class. i just want to exercise a different part of my brain and see if maybe now i could find a new talent – or at least a pasttime. for instance, i used to be really good at math and now i’m a bubblehead when it comes to math. i’m thinking this could also work the other way around. i used to suck at art (the doing, not the appreciation of) maybe now i could do it.

  2. Pauline Post author

    Nooschi-I shall try, but I have started posting my drawings on my other site:
    Laura-Thank you! (It didn’t scan so great, but ah well)
    Thoughtsappear-So far so good!
    Jen-Hip, hip, hooray, hip, hip…wait! You’re being sarcastic! πŸ˜‰ Yes, competence definitely REQUIRED when teaching! (Are you listening City of Ottawa rec program organizer??)
    Pattypunker-There’s only one way to find out your talents and that’s to try some different classes. (At least you were good at math at one point. I never was, well unless you count stats in university)
    Hippie Cahier-LOL. Yay! Thanks!
    Omawarisan-Huuuge difference! Away with nincompoopism!
    Lone Grey Squirrel-Basically when it comes to models, I’m hoping for diversity-Black, white, male, female, curvy, thin-I want to be able to capture all types!

  3. Marie

    That’s so awesome you’re taking these drawing classes! I’d love to do the same with photography, but they are ridiculously expensive and bottom line, no money. But! I keep practicing on my own!

    Love your drawings.

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