Taylor’s Genuine Food and Wine Bar

On Friday evening, I met an acquaintance at Taylor’s Genuine Food and Wine Bar for dinner and of course, wine.

Silly me, I forgot to bring my camera, but I will provide a general description of the place: It’s small, with a bar and kitchen on one side of the room and a line up of tables on the other. There is very little wiggle room. The bathrooms are located in the basement and it is very cold down there.

 The space or lack thereof and frozen tundra bathrooms are the negative side of Taylor’s, but the most important part-the food, is phenomenal, particularly the dessert! I had the lobster* (Hey, if you’re gonna go to an expensive place, might as well jump in head first or is that just my crazy thinking? O.k. never mind!) The sea creature was served by itself and in a little puff pastry. Damn good! My dining partner said her beef was undercooked a bit and it did look a bit bloody, but she seemed reluctant to complain to the staff about it.

Anyways, dessert came around and I got something called “Pot du Crème”. It was a mouse type dessert with a jelly-type topping and these AMAZING swirls on the side! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a dessert that good! I wish I could have taken a photo of it! The staff was friendly and helpful and the mood of the place was calm. Or it was until a girl at the table next to us, who was celebrating her birthday perhaps a bit too much, dropped a bottle of wine on the floor. Then the entire place when silent and there may have been a gasp or two. It was kind of comical actually and luckily the bottle didn’t shatter, it just landed with a thud! Lesson: Don’t get drunk and drop precious wine in a wine bar!

After dinner, I was pretty tired (I made a later than normal reservation at the last minute), so I called it a night. The bill was indeed steep, but I was happy to check out this much talked about restaurant finally and enjoyed my experience. I’m hoping my next food outting will be to the new cupcake shop “The Flour Shoppe“.

*For the 100% vegetarians/vegans, Taylor’s does provide a vegetarian option as a main course. Admittedly, they could have more, but that is true for a lot of restaurants*

Picture: http://www.decidetostayfit.com/blog/health-and-wine-101-drinking-and-p90x


11 thoughts on “Taylor’s Genuine Food and Wine Bar

  1. Laura

    Sounds fancy and decadent. Bathrooms in the basement are the worst, aren’t they? Especially if you are wearing fancy shoes and had some wine to drink. (or is that just me?)

  2. Marie

    Sounds so yummy! I usually go for the lobster since I rarely ever have it and if you’re in a place where they make great food, why not?

    Also, maybe they need mini space heaters in the bathroom? Or maybe they make it freezing cold so people won’t stay long in the toilets. 😉

  3. meanie

    I think this was the resto that was surrounded by controversy with their suggestion that a couple not bring their baby to the restaurant. I loved reading all the different opinions! I want to go check it out – having two kids at home I love the idea of a restaurant that pretty much guarantees no little voices/crying. Bliss.

  4. Pearl

    huh, are we two peas in an absentminded pod? I forgot my camera when I went there too. might have been the best restaurant soup I’d ever had. I definitely want to make a return visit.

  5. Pauline Post author

    Thoughtsappear-It was pretty amazing!
    Laura-I don’t really wear fancy shoes, but I did have some wine! Luckily, I didn’t embarass myself like the chicks next to our table! 😉
    Marie-See you understand! (The appeal of lobster..hmmm) Space heaters would be a good idea!
    Meanie-Yep, that was Taylor’s. That woman was an idiot who needs to realize that there are a million other more suitable places in Ottawa to bring her baby. Taylor’s is for adults. End of story.

  6. VioletSky

    It is worth the extra money to eat excellent food, in intimate surroundings, with no kids and babies disrupting. (drunk birthday parties, notwithstanding!)

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