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Lying is Tough!

Hippie gave me this award, so first I’d like give a big thanks to her for thinking of me. It looks like it’s award time around the blogosphere.(Or at least it was, sorry I know this post is late!) *

So here are the “rules”, which I will endeavor to follow to the letter. (Lest the below mentioned Jill rains hell down upon me! ;):

The Memetastic Rules

  1. You must proudly display the graphic Jill describes as “absolutely disgusting.”  (She created the award so she’s allowed to say that.)
  2. You must list five things about yourself, and four of them must be bold-faced lies. Quality is not important.
  3. You must pass this award to five bloggers you either like or don’t like or don’t really have much of an opinion about.
  4. If you fail to follow any of the above rules, Jill will hunt you down and harass you incessantly until, according to her, “you either block me on Twitter or ban my IP address from visiting your blog. I don’t know if you can actually do that last thing, but I will become so annoying to you that you will actually go out and hire an IT professional to train you on how to ban IP addresses just so that I’ll leave you alone. I’m serious. I’m going to do these things.”
  5. Once you do the above, please link up to the Memetastic Hop.

The Memetastic Lies (and One Truth)

1. In high school, I thought about running away with the circus. I thought it would be really cool to swallow swords or fly on the trapeze for a living. My guidance counselor wasn’t as keen on the idea however.
2.In grade six, I broke my arm while skiing. It was very not fun.
3.I’m pregnant! (kidding!)
4.I am a distant relative of Sean Connery. I don’t tell many people this, because it results in too many bad Connery impressions or girlish squealing.
5.Some nice man from Nigeria sent me an email saying that a wealthy distant relative of mine died without an heir but my name was mentioned! All I have to do is wire them some money and then I’ll be rolling in it! It sounds like a completely legitimate business transaction.
In case it wasn’t apparent, I’m really not great at lying, maybe: Kerri, Lynn, Famethrowa, Nat and It Ain’t Meat Babe Jennifer will be better at it!
*Trying to use the copy and paste function and format properly with WordPress is enough to drive a woman to do #1 in my list! Urgh!!*

Weekend in Toronto

Last Friday, Hubby and I ran off to Toronto.

Why? To visit my brother and his girlfriend and see the much anticipated Tim Burton exhibit at the TIFF.

Saturday was the big day of activities. After breakfast at the amazing Fox and Fiddle, we took trolley and subway and ended up walking towards the Distillery District. On the way, we stopped in at D&E Lake Ltd., which sells books and antique prints. For anyone who loves reading, this place is a paradise, it is literally crammed with wall to wall books:

I told the gregarious employee that I was looking for a small picture of boats and he showed us upstairs, where there was a plethora of antique prints and maps. These paintings and etchings brought back memories of my Canadian Art history classes in university. Very cool and interesting stuff and I found what I was looking for for just $60! Sweet! Next up was more walking down Younge, then Parliament, past the store that sells sperm shaped lights: (Or maybe they just look like sperm to my pervy way of thinking)

Until finally we landed in the Distillery District. The District has some really cool, old buildings, plus one very neato giant sculpture that this young girl decided to check out:

Next, we went to the chocolate store SOMA for some hot chocolate spiked with chili peppers:

Here’s the back of the store where you can watch the employees make the wondrous chocolate candy:

SOMA’s chocolate ingredients come from countries other than the States or Britain and tends to be less sweet and heavy. It had a darker, spicier type flavour. After our drinks, we went to Archeo Trattoria, where I swear I had the best sammich of my entire life! Ahhh, so goood! Archeo, like the other establishments in the area, is proud of its building’s history and displayed huge photos of how it looked pre-renovation:

The philosophy of this area seems to be to repair so the place doesn’t fall apart and change some interior surface features, but try to preserve the unique character. I think that is how every city should treat their treasured historic buildings.  While leaving the District, I caught a notorious Segway Gang, causing mischief and mayhem at a reasonable speed:

Or more than likely, a tour that is done entirely via Segway. They seemed not too keen on being photographed though…

We then left the Distillery District to walk down Queen Street West to visit World of Posters (I bought two!) and then walked to the Silver Snail:

I bought three more Sandman issues. If anyone is interested, they are having a 20% off sale.  I also snapped this obligatory photo of the CN Tower:

Lastly, we went to TIFF for the anticipated Tim Burton exhibit. The TIFF was packed with people and when we were ushered into the three rooms where his beautiful creations were held, it began to feel very claustrophobic. But it was worth it! I got to see Johnny Depp’s costumes in various movies plus the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman kink outfit, and many drawings, paintings, sculptures and videos. It was very cool! Unfortunately, photography was strictly forbidden so all I have for you is the ad from outside:

and this giant monster also outside the exhibit:

Tim Burton is without a doubt, one of the luckiest guy on the planet! After a few years of toil at Disney Studios, he was able to break free and create his own type of movies, with their unique, morbid charm and make millions doing so! Look at his stuff made me sigh enviousy, but it also got the creative gears working in my brain, so I left also feeling quite excited!

For dinner, we went across the street to a pub and waited for Steve, a local friend, to arrive. Steve and Hubby insisted on watching the hockey game on the TV. It was Ottawa vs Toronto and they keenly watched, while I yawned and flipped through my Tim Burton book. The game droned on and on, and neither team would score. After a whole day of walking, I was exhausted and just wanted to crash at my brother’s. Finally the Sens scored and Steve gave us a ride home. (Oh and Steve, we are now even. After making you and Hubby go clothes shopping with me the year before last, you have enacted your revenge by making me watch a never ending hockey game! ;))

Sunday, we had brunch with my bro and his girlfriend and played some video games. I took some photos of Shiva, their cat.

Shiva was not impressed with having to share her territory with two strangers who smelled like other cats and a dog. She made her displeasure known numerous times, but early on Sunday morning, before everyone else got up, she joined me on the couch and watched me sketch in the living room. So I guess she got used to us somewhat. 🙂

Anyways, that was my short mid-winter break to Toronto. We will probably go back in the summer for more adventures.  Thank you to my brother and his girl for letting us stay at their place! 🙂

Longest Wait to see a Doctor Ever!!

I’ve been feeling a sore lump on the left inside of my throat lately. After doing some research online, I pretty much knew that it was strep throat.

‘No problem,’ I thought, ‘I’ll just go to the clinic and get some antibiotics.’

Unfortunately, the clinic was jam packed. Literally, there were no seats left. It took an hour for them to check me in and it was another two hours until I got to see a doctor. I went through three magazines, called three people to complain and was so hungry that I was ready to eat the pages out of a Chatelaine Holiday issue. Those glossy images of brisket, cranberry and apple pie, turkeys, buñuelos, mashed potatoes, etc. were pure torture.

After two and a half hours, myself and a sweet faced old woman across from me, got up and we asked the blonde receptionist with a bad perm how much longer it was going to be. “I don’t know.” she scowled. (I guess she gets this question a lot)

“I should have stayed in Ireland”, the old woman said to me, laughing

“Yep, this is really, really bad.” I agreed, “I have never waited this long before”

“Something’s not right with the system,” she said in her cute Irish accent, still smiling. (She reminded me of one of my aunties, except she’s Irish and my auntie was Scottish. But just with the same manners and disposition. Man, I miss her!)

When my turn finally rolled around, I was led into a room, spoke with a nurse. Waited. Read an article on a nudist colony in Reader’s Digest. Waited. Then a doc in training came by and asked me questions. She was a petite Asian woman who spoke with a thick (I’m guessing) Chinese accent. She checked my throat, stomach, back, breathing, took a swab and told me that I probably had an infection. Then she told me that a doctor would be by to check me out.

“Soon right” ? I asked

“Oh yes. He’s very good. He’ll be by soon” she smiled

Then I waited, and waited, and waited. Found a dead spider in an framed painting. The thing must have slipped in through the crack in the glass. Lovely. More waiting..until..

The most desired person in the whole place-A doctor!-finally came by. He checked my throat, told me my lymph nodes were swollen and wrote me a prescription for antibiotics.

It is really hard to believe that it took me three hours to see a doc for just two minutes and just get a prescription. It’s funny too because I was complaining to a coworker yesterday about the lack of doctors in this country and how the system is out of whack. Some people wait forever for basic things like scans and surgeries. Are things ever going to actually get better? When will the government actually make swift and drastic improvements to basic things like health care and education? Frustrating!

Anyways, if you have or suspect you may have strep throat, here are some tips from me and this site:

-If you have a family doctor who isn’t a complete incompetent assmat like mine, go and see him/her. DON’T go to a drop in clinic. You will be stuck there for eternity, reliving the Seinfeld episode where they wait forever to eat dinner, watching people who arrived after them get served first. Except instead of smelling wonderful food, you’ll get to listen to coughing, babies crying and a million different phone calls complaining about the wait.

-Drink lots of water and warm liquids. Honey is also good for the throat

-Get lots of rest

-Gargle with salt water

-And most interesting of all-Buy a new toothbrush but don’t use it until you have been on the antibiotics for 24-48 hours. The infection can sit dormant on the brush and reinfect you later.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday, Hubby and I had our St. Valentine’s celebration. I gave him the first season of Red Dwarf on dvd, while he showered me with roses (see above), chocolate covered pomegranite seeds, cream eggs and a heart shaped box full of more chocolates. He made caramel tempeh for dinner, which is what he used to make me when we first started dating, along with roasted squash, squash seeds and fondue. Phew!

After dinner, we waddled over to the nearby park to walk Selena. We swung on the swings, while Selena hopped around in the kneed depth snow. Mission accomplished, it was a very romantic day! Hubby and I have been together for almost six years! The time has really flown by and I look forward to many more years to come!

Did you celebrate already or will you doing something special tonight?

Stylishly Geeky!

Laura gave me this award and honestly it was the first time I won an award with the word “Stylish” in the title! (Being fashionable reeks of effort for me on most days! ;)) I’m glad that my rambling is appreciated though! Thanks Laura!

According to the rules: “By accepting this award I’m to tell five of my favourite things and then pick five people to pass the award on to.” Here goes:

1. Sleep-Such a wondrous, mystical creature. I really wish that I could just sleep more! Wouldn’t it be great is if our bodies just accepted the amount of sleep we gave them each night with no annoying side effects like headaches and crankiness. Only got four hours of sleep? No problem!

2.Food- Yes, I know, another physiological need. Not very imaginative. But when I say food, I don’t mean the sludge served at most fast food joints or the overpriced crap at my work’s cafeteria served with a grimace. I am referring to the joy found in enjoying quality meals and exploring new dishes. Baking is also great! Due to sheer laziness and not wanting to gain 500lbs, I haven’t baked in awhile, but cheesy as it sounds, there is something magical about baking and icing a cake. Maggie‘s birthday is coming up, sounds like as good an excuse as any to whip one up! 😉

3.Art-This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who has been reading this site for awhile now. Art is such a powerful outlet with the ability to excite or subdue, force us to think beyond our every day experience or reflect on our inner or outer struggles. So far, I’ve tried drawing, painting, photography and encaustic, but I can’t wait to explore all the other mediums under this very large umbrella. One thing that bothers me about the world of art though is the sheer amount of pretension and hot air. Can I just state for the record that not every single painting/sculpture/interpretative dance needs a textbook sized explanation with the words “metaphysical”, “zietgeist” and “sublime” scatted throughout! Cripes!

4.Astronomy- There is nothing better than going out on a nice clear night, plopping down on your back and pointing your binoculars up towards the sky! Learning about other planets, stars and astronomical phenomena ties you to the rest of the universe and provides a nice escape from this sometimes crazy, angry, self centered place. Petty concerns wash away and you find peace in the vastness of space. It’s my hope that more money will be invested into space exploration, we can’t stay here forever. Now if only we could develop a faster method of travelling… 

5.Comic Books. Yes, I am a 30-year-old woman that reads comics or “graphic novels”. Believe it or not, it’s a fairly recent thing. Sure, I read Archie like every other young girl, but I didn’t really get into comics until my brother recommended my now favorite book “Preacher“. When some (narrow-minded) people think comic book reader, they immediately picture the stereotype of a large, sweaty guy living in his parents basement, who has little luck with the ladies. But a well-thought out graphic novel deserves just as much respect as a Rembrandt painting or Tolstoy novel. Read a Neil Gaiman book if you don’t believe me. Actually read the Sandman series even if you do believe won’t regret it! 🙂

Next up will be a post devoted to another meme award I received from the lovely Hippie.

As for my picks of five other victims, I will say Jen, Leashieloo, Pearl, Lone Grey Squirrel and Hippie Cahier (She might be “meme’d” out at the moment, but her blog is awesome, so I’ll tag her anyways!)

Into the Zone..

On Sunday, Hubby and I finally went downtown to spend the Zone gift certificate we received as a wedding gift almost three years ago. For those who aren’t familiar with this store, basically it’s a modern/hip place that is very bright and very white.

I’m not really into these kind of stores and consider myself more of an “antique/flea market” type of gal, but there were some nifty things at Zone, and being the crazy person I am, I took tons of photos, while snobby people looked appalled. It was fun! Here’s a view of the store:

and some fun things we found, like these nut cracker squirrels:

mice for cheese boards:

and interesting chandeliers:

At the other end of the store, we found some cool clocks:

The second one is the one we ended up buying. It has a little red plane that goes around the continents, very neat! I liked the above ones too, they show the gears working. But it stuck out too much from the wall. Still, I might buy one of them in the future.

I’ve been bitten by the “redecoration bug” lately. Last weekend I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond with my mom and spent WAY too much money, so it was nice to find this old gift certificate. It didn’t go very far (Another reason I like second hand stuff), but at least we got some more items for our house.

Valentines for Men..?

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. It’s a nice bright spot, in what can be a fairly long and dreary winter.

I love V-Day and all its mushy schmaltziness: Red is my second favorite colour, I love paper snowflakes, heart shaped jello and those cinnamon heart candies that turn your tongue bright red. Fine food, wine, candlelight are also wonderful as are chocolate covered cherries..hmmm.

All I want for V-Day is a nice meal, some candy and a back rub. Seems reasonable yes?

A blogger once complained bitterly that Valentine’s Day is a holiday just for women. Men are expected to buy, buy, buy for their ladies and sweep them off their feet. I replied that perhaps that is the way it is “marketed” to us, but not everyone falls into that trap of gender expectations.

I have romanced people before. Sent letters, given candy, yadda, yadda. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. I try to do little romantic things for Hubby fairly regularly. Just recently I bought him one of those big pretzels he likes so much when he was stressed out and tell him that I love him all the time. Relationships involve give and take and being romantic is a active, not passive exercise that is gender neutral.

But with that said, what do you give a man for Valentine’s Day? (Beyond the obvious, sexy stuff) Are there any surefire gifts? Something tells me that thinking singing stuffed bears with hearts on their fronts is out. 😉