Recent Disgusting Story!

This video was posted recently on Yahoo:

 In case you can’t watch the video, basically 100 sled dogs were shot and dumped in the ground by an outdoor tour company in BC after the 2010 Winter Olympics. Each dog watched its brethren get shot in the head before suffering the same fate. Not all of them died instantly. Some suffered horribly before dying. The company was tanking and they claimed efforts were made to find new homes for these dogs, but no one seems able to verify these claims.

 In case any of these unfeeling assholes forget, it’s the 21st Century. Shooting living things in the head is not the way to deal financial problems.

Over the years, I’ve heard some pretty disgusting stories on animal cruelty, which take place right here across Canada all the time. The SPCA sends out depressing news bulletins full of scumbags who torture and kill dogs and cats. (Although there are happier stories in there too!) Some people voluntarily hurt animals for fun or out of displaced anger while others force breed them in tiny pens in their own excrement. It’s heartbreaking, awful and erodes your faith in humanity. But this is a company that is supposed to take care of their employees (ie. their sled dogs).

And pardon my language, but how the fuck did these idiots get so many dogs in the first place? If the dogs were breeding while in their care, why weren’t there steps taken to control the population? And no, I don’t mean euthanasia. I mean the big ‘snip snip’ under anesthesia?

 It really pisses me off how some people can be so callous, arrogant, selfish and ignorant and completely disregard animals, particularly ones who are supposed to be our domesticated companions. Different people have different ideas about animals, whether they should be used for food or not, for example. But all living creatures deserve respect.

 Well except for maybe the people who ordered these animals put down via shotgun blast. You deserve to go to prison for a loooong time!

Inspired by this tragedy, I plan on petitioning my local MP and the Minister of Justice, to try and tighten up animal cruelty legislation, which is woefully out of date. If you live in Canada and really want to make a difference in animals lives, please do the same.



8 thoughts on “Recent Disgusting Story!

  1. Hippie Cahier

    I know I can’t watch the video. Shocking and appalling. Good for you for taking action and inspiring others.

  2. thoughtsappear

    That is soooo awful. They couldn’t find people to take them? I don’t believe that. Someone is always willing to take animals facing death. I’d have taken one.

  3. Laura

    I cannot watch the video…but I can write my MP and the Minister of Justice. This is heartbreaking and beyond disturbing. We need to toughen Canadian laws for those that hurt animals…and children too!

  4. Lone Grey Squirrel

    I came across this story earlier and couldn’t believe it. I hold Canada in high regard and certainly do not expect such behavior in that country. It is a true tragedy as well as a travesty. My condolences. I hope that something good in the way of legislation or other will arise which will make sure this sort of thing does not happen again.

  5. Pauline Post author

    Hippie Cahier-There was a lot of outrage over this incident here, which is great, but I hope it spurs people to try and make changes to our laws so animal abusers don’t literally get away with murder.
    Leishieloo-Me too! It breaks my heart!
    Thoughtsappear- There are tons of adoption agencies on top of SPCA branches across Canada. It is total lazy bullshit on their part that they couldn’t find them homes.
    Titania-Good question! WTF indeed!
    Laura-Great! That is wonderful to hear.:)

  6. Pauline Post author

    Lone Grey Squirrel-It is pretty sad that in this day and age this thing still happens and that it happens in Canada, a supposedly “free and equal” country too! Things need to change asap!

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