Valentines for Men..?

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. It’s a nice bright spot, in what can be a fairly long and dreary winter.

I love V-Day and all its mushy schmaltziness: Red is my second favorite colour, I love paper snowflakes, heart shaped jello and those cinnamon heart candies that turn your tongue bright red. Fine food, wine, candlelight are also wonderful as are chocolate covered cherries..hmmm.

All I want for V-Day is a nice meal, some candy and a back rub. Seems reasonable yes?

A blogger once complained bitterly that Valentine’s Day is a holiday just for women. Men are expected to buy, buy, buy for their ladies and sweep them off their feet. I replied that perhaps that is the way it is “marketed” to us, but not everyone falls into that trap of gender expectations.

I have romanced people before. Sent letters, given candy, yadda, yadda. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. I try to do little romantic things for Hubby fairly regularly. Just recently I bought him one of those big pretzels he likes so much when he was stressed out and tell him that I love him all the time. Relationships involve give and take and being romantic is a active, not passive exercise that is gender neutral.

But with that said, what do you give a man for Valentine’s Day? (Beyond the obvious, sexy stuff) Are there any surefire gifts? Something tells me that thinking singing stuffed bears with hearts on their fronts is out. 😉




11 thoughts on “Valentines for Men..?

  1. Allison

    This is what I made Chris last year.

    I’ve got an equally sappy gift in mind for him this year, but I’m not ready to reveal what it is to the interwebs just yet.

  2. Hippie Cahier

    I suppose it depends on the man. That said and in the interest of gender-neutrality, I’m a big fan of the love letter. Handwritten, from the heart, specific, genuine. Seems to me Valentine’s Day would be the perfect holiday for one of those, presented in some sort of grande, mushy fashion.

    It doesn’t seem I need to wish you this, because you’re already in the right frame of mind, but Happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂

  3. Jen

    I am going to build a cake 🙂

    Also, when you said “singing stuffed bear” my first thought was Sir Loves-A-Lot, The Bear Who Loves to Love . . . but not Lord Huggington 😉

  4. Finola

    Valentine’s Day is also the anniversary of the day my husband and I started dating. i.e. the other anniversary. We don’t usually do too much, but I will try a bit harder this year, because after 19 years together we need to work a lot harder at the romance than we used to. Ideas would be most appreciated!
    Happy V-Day 🙂

  5. leashieloo

    My boyfriend associates Valentine’s Day with food. We always have a nice meal (homecooked or at a restaurant) and I will provide him with a dessert. This year I’m giving him a chocolate sheet cake, gummy candies, and a nice card. I agree that men enjoy being wooed as well!

  6. bevchen

    Our “anniversary” is just over a week before valentine’s day, so we don’t really do the valentine’s thing. Last year I bought Jan some heart shaped sweets. This year we’ll be on a train coming back from his dad’s, so I may buy something small and hide it in my bag…

  7. Pauline Post author

    Allison-That is very cool and so original! I’m looking forward to your post-Valentine’s post to see what you got him. 🙂
    Hippie Cahier-Ah yes, the love letter. I’m a big fan of that one too! It is truly a lost art!
    Happy Valentine’s day!
    Finola-Happy early anniversary as well! You could take a road trip! I always find that very romantic! Or you could write him a letter as Hippie suggested.

  8. Pearl

    love that comic panel.

    when did hubby and I stop celebrating. at 19 years, not sure.

    we try to make attention to each other a daily thing.

  9. Pauline Post author

    Pearl-Giving attention daily to your partner is definitely more important than an overpriced box of chocolates once a year. 🙂
    Bluntdelivery-Thanks! I will check it out!

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