Stylishly Geeky!

Laura gave me this award and honestly it was the first time I won an award with the word “Stylish” in the title! (Being fashionable reeks of effort for me on most days! ;)) I’m glad that my rambling is appreciated though! Thanks Laura!

According to the rules: “By accepting this award I’m to tell five of my favourite things and then pick five people to pass the award on to.” Here goes:

1. Sleep-Such a wondrous, mystical creature. I really wish that I could just sleep more! Wouldn’t it be great is if our bodies just accepted the amount of sleep we gave them each night with no annoying side effects like headaches and crankiness. Only got four hours of sleep? No problem!

2.Food- Yes, I know, another physiological need. Not very imaginative. But when I say food, I don’t mean the sludge served at most fast food joints or the overpriced crap at my work’s cafeteria served with a grimace. I am referring to the joy found in enjoying quality meals and exploring new dishes. Baking is also great! Due to sheer laziness and not wanting to gain 500lbs, I haven’t baked in awhile, but cheesy as it sounds, there is something magical about baking and icing a cake. Maggie‘s birthday is coming up, sounds like as good an excuse as any to whip one up! 😉

3.Art-This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who has been reading this site for awhile now. Art is such a powerful outlet with the ability to excite or subdue, force us to think beyond our every day experience or reflect on our inner or outer struggles. So far, I’ve tried drawing, painting, photography and encaustic, but I can’t wait to explore all the other mediums under this very large umbrella. One thing that bothers me about the world of art though is the sheer amount of pretension and hot air. Can I just state for the record that not every single painting/sculpture/interpretative dance needs a textbook sized explanation with the words “metaphysical”, “zietgeist” and “sublime” scatted throughout! Cripes!

4.Astronomy- There is nothing better than going out on a nice clear night, plopping down on your back and pointing your binoculars up towards the sky! Learning about other planets, stars and astronomical phenomena ties you to the rest of the universe and provides a nice escape from this sometimes crazy, angry, self centered place. Petty concerns wash away and you find peace in the vastness of space. It’s my hope that more money will be invested into space exploration, we can’t stay here forever. Now if only we could develop a faster method of travelling… 

5.Comic Books. Yes, I am a 30-year-old woman that reads comics or “graphic novels”. Believe it or not, it’s a fairly recent thing. Sure, I read Archie like every other young girl, but I didn’t really get into comics until my brother recommended my now favorite book “Preacher“. When some (narrow-minded) people think comic book reader, they immediately picture the stereotype of a large, sweaty guy living in his parents basement, who has little luck with the ladies. But a well-thought out graphic novel deserves just as much respect as a Rembrandt painting or Tolstoy novel. Read a Neil Gaiman book if you don’t believe me. Actually read the Sandman series even if you do believe won’t regret it! 🙂

Next up will be a post devoted to another meme award I received from the lovely Hippie.

As for my picks of five other victims, I will say Jen, Leashieloo, Pearl, Lone Grey Squirrel and Hippie Cahier (She might be “meme’d” out at the moment, but her blog is awesome, so I’ll tag her anyways!)


14 thoughts on “Stylishly Geeky!

  1. Laura Best

    Enjoy your award, Pauline. 🙂

    There is something very mesmerizing about looking into the night sky. I’m with you on that one! It’s something most of us should take time to do more often. Most of us can use the peace.

  2. Laura

    Congratulations on the award – you ARE most certainly stylish! 🙂 I’m already a big fan of the Lone Grey Squirrel but look forward to checking out the other award winners.

  3. thoughtsappear

    Congratulations! I’m with you on sleep. I need 8-9 hours every night to function at 100%. Only 6-7 hours make me cranky. Less than that, and I need someone to carry me around.

    Comic books rock. I haven’t read any in awhile, but I used to be really into them. I think the last graphic novel I read was Sin City.

  4. Pearl

    I hadn’t predicted comic books but sleep and food I’m behind you 100% there and there.

    Ah, cool. thanks.

    Just when I thought I had no idea what I’d write about next, inspiration.

  5. Hippie Cahier

    Awww…thanks for the kind words and for the honor. I will work on this!

    I’m with you on the magical thing about baking and icing a cake!

  6. Pauline Post author

    Laura Best-Absolutely and it’s also good at keeping your egocentricism in check. Most people think that they are the most important thing in the universe but if they studied astronomy they would realize how small and insignificant we all are! 🙂
    Laura-Aww, shucks! I hope LGS fills it out too!
    Thoughtsappear-I have the first Sin City. I want to buy more, because they’re great, but it can get $$ collecting comic books, so I try to keep my library of them from getting too large. My friend Sue also makes comics, you can check out her site in one of my links. 🙂
    Pearl-I’m happy I provided new blogging material. 🙂

  7. Jen

    Oh my! Thank you for the nod 🙂 I also don’t know if I would consider myself at all stylish so much as “eccentric” or “covered in paint” True story — I was buying groceries at the Loblaws earlier this week and went past the clothing section, where I saw a pair of jeans that looked like someone had been messing with the gesso or priming a wall or something. To myself I said, “Wow! Someone has copied my look!” Then I shook my head in disbelief that someone would want to buy pants that have already been ruined.

    Re: graphic novels — I love Neil Gaiman and can’t believe I haven’t read any Sandman, yet!

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  9. Lone Grey Squirrel

    First congrats for the award. I pretty much like all your 5 likes. Food is meant for enjoyment not just survival. Thanks for tagging me with the award. I have done the dirty deed (i.e. posted).

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  11. leashieloo

    Thanks for the tag! And it’s nice to see another female adult who hasn’t outgrown comics. I still enjoy a good graphic novel every now and again.

  12. Pauline Post author

    Jen-Ha! Those jeans are called “The Kershaw” dontcha know? 😉 Yeah, I thought the same thing when “distressed” (ie.ripped to shit) jeans were popular. Craziness!
    Hence why I lent you the first volume of the Sandman series. enjoy! 🙂
    Leashieloo-Woo! Yay for grown, female comic book readers! We will take over the Comic Cons one day!

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