Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday, Hubby and I had our St. Valentine’s celebration. I gave him the first season of Red Dwarf on dvd, while he showered me with roses (see above), chocolate covered pomegranite seeds, cream eggs and a heart shaped box full of more chocolates. He made caramel tempeh for dinner, which is what he used to make me when we first started dating, along with roasted squash, squash seeds and fondue. Phew!

After dinner, we waddled over to the nearby park to walk Selena. We swung on the swings, while Selena hopped around in the kneed depth snow. Mission accomplished, it was a very romantic day! Hubby and I have been together for almost six years! The time has really flown by and I look forward to many more years to come!

Did you celebrate already or will you doing something special tonight?


9 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Laura

    We’re off to a bad start. We rolled in late from a weekend away and the kids missed the bus this morning. In our haste to get to school we heard on the radio it was Valentines Day. We all forgot! Tonight I’ll make a nice dinner for them. Yours sounds lovely though…

  2. Alissa

    Well goodness! He pulled out the stops! Caramel tempeh? Never heard of it, but it sounds yum! So do chocolate covered pomegranate seeds!

  3. Finola

    Sounds like a wonderful day you two had! On Valentine’s Day DH and I celebrated being together for 19 years by travelling home from a vacation. It was exhausting and unromantic. We will try to do better when we hit 20 years (eep!) next year!

  4. Pauline Post author

    Hippie Cahier-Thanks and it was! 🙂
    Thoughtsappear-I know! I’m big on the mushiness! 😉
    Laura-Well I am sure you made it up to them! What did you make for dinner?
    Alissa-Caramel tempeh is a vegetarian Asian meal. (Not sure of the exact origins) Very yummy!
    Finola-20 years? Wow! That will be quite the landmark! So wonderful!
    Leashieloo-Yay candy! Exactly! Any excuse to eat candy is a good excuse! 😉

  5. Kate

    Mmmm … cream eggs! As in Cadbury? Those are my favorite!

    My husband worked the evening of Valentine’s Day, but he came home bearing a gift: a mortar and pestle! I was really excited. 🙂

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