Lying is Tough!

Hippie gave me this award, so first I’d like give a big thanks to her for thinking of me. It looks like it’s award time around the blogosphere.(Or at least it was, sorry I know this post is late!) *

So here are the “rules”, which I will endeavor to follow to the letter. (Lest the below mentioned Jill rains hell down upon me! ;):

The Memetastic Rules

  1. You must proudly display the graphic Jill describes as “absolutely disgusting.”  (She created the award so she’s allowed to say that.)
  2. You must list five things about yourself, and four of them must be bold-faced lies. Quality is not important.
  3. You must pass this award to five bloggers you either like or don’t like or don’t really have much of an opinion about.
  4. If you fail to follow any of the above rules, Jill will hunt you down and harass you incessantly until, according to her, “you either block me on Twitter or ban my IP address from visiting your blog. I don’t know if you can actually do that last thing, but I will become so annoying to you that you will actually go out and hire an IT professional to train you on how to ban IP addresses just so that I’ll leave you alone. I’m serious. I’m going to do these things.”
  5. Once you do the above, please link up to the Memetastic Hop.

The Memetastic Lies (and One Truth)

1. In high school, I thought about running away with the circus. I thought it would be really cool to swallow swords or fly on the trapeze for a living. My guidance counselor wasn’t as keen on the idea however.
2.In grade six, I broke my arm while skiing. It was very not fun.
3.I’m pregnant! (kidding!)
4.I am a distant relative of Sean Connery. I don’t tell many people this, because it results in too many bad Connery impressions or girlish squealing.
5.Some nice man from Nigeria sent me an email saying that a wealthy distant relative of mine died without an heir but my name was mentioned! All I have to do is wire them some money and then I’ll be rolling in it! It sounds like a completely legitimate business transaction.
In case it wasn’t apparent, I’m really not great at lying, maybe: Kerri, Lynn, Famethrowa, Nat and It Ain’t Meat Babe Jennifer will be better at it!
*Trying to use the copy and paste function and format properly with WordPress is enough to drive a woman to do #1 in my list! Urgh!!*

5 thoughts on “Lying is Tough!

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