For Jen and for fun!


Winter’s been kind of wearing me down lately, so I’ve been in the mood to draw more lighthearted things, like the rat above.  I would also like to dedicate this drawing to Jen and combine two of her favorite things: Rats and balloons. In fact,  Jen’s been working hard on creating a series of self portraits with various coloured balloons. They are quite charming and I recommend taking a look at them on her site when you get a chance!

As for me, I like the ratties and think I might make more drawings of ’em! 🙂

9 thoughts on “For Jen and for fun!

  1. Jen

    Awww! Thanks for the dedication and the shout-out — very sweet of you 🙂 Look at ‘im there with his wee balloon — that’s adorable! I know it cheered me right up, and hope it did the same for you

  2. joylene

    I think part of their problem is their title: rat. Mouse sounds better. One hears “Mouse” and thinks of Mickey and Minnie. Cute drawing, Pauline. I envy you. There are two things I’ve always wanted to do: sing and draw. It must be a wonderful gift.

  3. Foggy Dew

    There’s a car commercial running right now where the company brags about taking its cars to some test track in Minnesota during winter and how well they did. It ends with the line “If you need a car that can handle worse conditions you don’t need a new car, you need a new place to live.”

    I’d suggest moving further south to avoid the winter blues, but that would require a test and take seven years…if you wanted to make it permanent.

    That chubby rat holding a balloon looks just like one I saw on the Metro last week. How strange. (Nice drawing.)

  4. Pauline Post author

    Jen-You’re welcome and he cheered me up too! 🙂
    Pattypunker-It’s a double yay!
    Foggy Dew-I’ve considered moving further south to the States or Caribbean, but the thing is Canada is wonderful every other season of the year and it’s my home where most of my family resides, so it would be very hard to leave. My dream is to become a snowbird. 🙂
    I’ve never seen another image of a rat holding a balloon and thought that mine was one of the few. 😦 Ah well. It’s all been done before, I suppose, but everyone has their own individual approach to the subject matter.

  5. Zhu

    This is cute! It’s good to see a bit of colorful art after the snow we got last night. I’m tired of all that white!

  6. Suzanne

    What a cute rattie! I have to admit I have a very soft spot for the little guys. And I had never seen one depicted w/ a balloon–so cool and creative!

  7. Pauline Post author

    Zhu-I know! All this “whiteness” is driving me bananas!
    Suzanne-Thanks! You’re another one of my friends who likes rats. I think they are often misunderstood.

  8. Pauline Post author

    Joylene-Oops! I missed replying to your comment! I’ve always wanted to sing too! But drawing is a good way to express oneself too! You’re a writer though, which is also a great gift!

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