Watercolour Fun!

After playing around with pencil crayons and feeling a bit disappointed with the results, I decided to try watercolour painting. While in Wallacks, I picked up a watercolour pad and a set of paints and have produced two paintings since.  Watercolour is a tough medium, probably the hardest and least forgiving out of all the paints.  But I am a crazy gal who likes a challenge, so I figured what the hell?

The great thing about watercolour is that it requires little set up and materials: I simply put down some newspapers on our dining room table, along with the watercolour pad, paints, brushes and a small empty jam jar of water and I’m set to go! Awhile ago I took some photos of Maggie looking up, so I’ve been translating these into watercolour paintings.  Here is my model “supervising” my work:

and here is the second finished portrait:

My uncle in Alberta is a professional watercolour painter and has been doing it for the past thirty years (He’s also a dynamo at framing, which comes in handy), so he’s been sending me some advice, which is appreciated! 🙂

So if you or your kids are bored this March Break, I recommend trying watercolour! It’s tricky but still fun! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Watercolour Fun!

  1. Hippie Cahier

    You are so talented!

    I know it would be a bit messy, but wouldn’t it be interesting to let Maggie roll around in some watercolors and then roll around on a canvas?

    I’m just kidding, kids. Don’t try that at home! Still….wouldn’t it? 🙂

  2. Pauline Post author

    Omawarisan-It’s my second attempt. I’m hoping to make a third of Mag soon!:)
    Hippie Cahier-Thank you and that is a very interesting idea, heheh.

  3. Laura

    Speaking for the stick-people-drawing community…it is really amazing to see you create beautiful art Pauline. Especially on the 2nd attempt. wow

  4. Jen

    Maggie is adorable! But let us speak of the totally awesome owl pencil case there behind the water jar — I love it!

  5. Zhu

    Nice result! And I know how hard it is to user watercolour properly. I use to have these regular pencils that would give a watercolour effect when you add water. I like it because it was less messy than the regular stuff.

  6. Pauline Post author

    Thoughtsappear-Oh my other cat-Pierre-does that. Or he has to be on top of me.
    Laura-Thank you very much and LOL @ “Stick figure community” comment. There’s nothing wrong with stick figures, the comic “Cyanide and Happiness” has stick figures and it’s hilarious!:

  7. leashieloo

    I love it!!! It looks so much like her 🙂 I haven’t watercolored in forever, I used to get frustrated since I couldn’t control the dribblage. Perhaps a wee too much “water?”

  8. Jen

    Ooh! She had lots of other cool designs besides the owl — neat!

    You sure did add more pigment — yay! The other tip I have is to try adding some burnt sienna (or whatever lighter brown they have in the kit) into your orange mix for Maggie’s darker stripes. Have fun experimenting!

  9. Pauline Post author

    Leashieloo-Water control is key. My issue right now is paper rippling. Apparently, I got the middle of the road durability paper and there is one that is much tougher against warping.
    Jen-O.k. will do.
    Sleepyjane-Thanks! I’m sure you can do more than a stick figure. When’s the last time you drew?

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