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Nice Long Weekend

What a great looong weekend! We got sunshine for one and a half whole days!..woot!  Yep, it was rainy, but Hubby and I got to sleep in and eat. For Easter dessert, I made two lemon meringue pies, one for our parents and one for us:

Hmm..pie. If you want the recipe, click here. It’s very easy to make!

I also watched old episodes of “Work of Art“, that crazy reality show about artists competing for $100K and a chance to exhibit at the BrooklynMuseum. It seems highly questionable to have a reality show about art, but damn it is so much fun to watch and so inspiring! Some of the artists on the show are narcissistic, egotistical a-holes, but I think most are genuinely talented and strangely enough, probably more down to earth than the people on other reality shows. There are some pretty terrible reality shows out there, but the ones involving creativity-Work of Art, Project Runway and Kitchen Nightmares- aren’t so bad. I will say this though: If reality shows completely replace sitcoms and fictional television series, I think it’s safe to say we’re all doomed! 😉

This weekend, I also made watercolour Easter cards, which you can see on my art blog. They were so much fun to make, I don’t want to ever go back to Hallmark ones. I also made a Kirby:

I heart Kirby. He’s such a cutie! He was made with polymer clay and paint.  I bought some clay modeling tools at my local Wallacks this past weekend and the girl at the cash looked at me and said:

“Oh, hi. I haven’t seen you in awhile.”

Apparently I was on quite a buying streak there.  I felt a tad embarrassed but I suppose there are more sinister addictions than art supplies.

When I returned home and got to work on Kirby, I realized we don’t have any superglue, so it looks like I’ll be going to Wallacks yet again! My next Kirby will have the eyes pre-baked and attached later. Hopefully that will make the next one turn out better.

Well I better run. The weekend is over and it’s back to work but I took tomorrow off to run errands. I hope you had a good weekend!

Busy..and tired!

The past few weeks have been pretty busy for me, particularly at work. There was this major project due and I finished it. I finished it half an hour after my shift ended but it’s done.

At home, I’ve been keeping busy producing more artwork and running around doing errands, one of which was completing our taxes, which we did. (Hooray!) Last Saturday we had a dinner party for the first time in quite awhile (People in Ottawa tend to hibernate during the winter).  Earlier that day was a whirlwind of cleaning, scrubbing and cooking. When the guests arrived, each one asked how I was doing and I replied:

“Good..tired! Phew!.”

Once I sat down with some wine, though I started to feel better and forget how much my feet ached. The food turned out well and the conversation flowed. It was kind of funny though because it was such an “adult” type party-We all sat around in a circle, mostly coupled up, talking jobs and politics and entertainment. It wasn’t boring, it was nice. But sitting there, I remembered going to crazier parties with some of these people just a few years ago. Getting drunk…acting like an idiot..feeling embarrassed and reaching for Advil the next morning. Things change, I suppose, but I think that it’s a good thing. The migraines and ‘what the hell was I thinking’? just aren’t worth it anymore. By 10pm, all the guests were pretty tired anyways. 

Despite how much work they can be, I really like hosting dinner parties. The wine, the food, the fact you don’t have to leave your house..other than the cleaning, what’s not to like?

Lately, I’ve also been suffering from Springtime allergies, so that’s also been making me feel drowsy. People have been looking at me like I have the plague or something. Nope just allergies. I think I’ve already gone through a hundred boxes of Kleenex and its only April!  Anyways, for the rest of the week, I’ve been suckered into going to a Mary Kay “girly party” by a coworker this Thursday. There will be desserts and pedicures and many sales pitches. Not really my thing, but I figured what the hell? I need a new face wash. I’ll just have to be prepared to say no to a million other products.

This long weekend is Easter, so we’ll be visiting with family. I’m looking forward to it! I’ve also got a gift idea for the parents! Eeeee! So excited! I hope I can finish it in time!

Well that’s it for my rambling.  Enjoy your long weekend!

My Arachnophobia

What are some of your phobias? Personally, I don’t like heights and large birds. I think birds are beautiful, but I will never own a large one like a cockatoo or parrot, they seem far too unpredictable in their moods.

But my greatest fear is spiders. Unfortunately for me, they seem to like me. Years ago, I pulled one out of my ear, another time I woke up in a camping trailer to find a big black one crawling up my thigh. When I volunteered at a zoo, I tried to conquer my fear by holding an adolescent pink toe tarantula. The bugger did not want to come off me and started crawling into my hair!

My most recent story happened just this past Saturday. I was sitting on my lazy boy watching Julie and Julia (One of the few “chick flicks” that I really enjoy) and flipping through a cookbook when I see something on my shoulder. Thinking it’s my hair, I don’t pay too much attention. But then, it moved. I turned my head and came face to face with a Harvestman on my shoulder!

I screamed, threw off my robe and started to frantically brush off my shoulders, arms and legs. Thankfully, he landed on the floor and scattered away. It wasn’t a bloodthirsty monster, just a Daddy Long Legs (who aren’t technically spiders), but it was still a shock. Hours passed and he stayed in his corner. Hubby woke up and came downstairs to make breakfast. After eating, I went to the basement to work on the computer.

I was typing away, when I noticed something scuttle out of the corner of my eye. Another spider!-This time a mid-sized black one was coming right at me! I scream again and Hubby runs downstairs, thinking I’m getting murdered.

“What? What?” He says

“Eeee…spider…’s coming for me!” I blurt pointing at the fowl beast

He laughs, picks it up with a paper towel and chucks it outside.

Feeling like a total wimp, I ask “Hubby do you think it’s silly that I’m scared of spiders?”

He replies: “No, but could you not scream so loud. You scare me when you do that!”

The rational part of my brain knows that spiders are everywhere and most are our friends. They eat pests and spin beautiful webs. They come in all sorts of dazzling colours and some people love them so much they buy them as pets. (Um no thanks!) Plus, few are dangerous to humans and a small percentage of them live in North America. But the legs and how quick they are scares the bejeezes out of me. I also tend to multiply them in my head, if I see one, then suddenly I’m picturing millions crawling all over me. But at least I don’t live in Australia, because in addition to having all sorts of dangerous beasts, they also have Huntsman spiders, which are huge. They have caused quite a few fatalaties, not because they’re venomous to humans, but because they like to hide out in cars and yell “surprise!” after the Aussies have started driving.:


It’s funny how diverse phobias can be; Snakes, rats, mice and even some bugs don’t bother me at all, but I know some people who will get on top of chairs to escape or can’t even bear to watch them on TV. But I’m determined to conquer my fears. It’s going to be gardening time soon and I’m kind of sick of being petrified of something so small. They really are more scared of me. I plan on doing much research and trying to get close to them physically until they don’t bother me so much anymore.

However, I don’t think I’ll be putting them on my face like the crazy guy in the video anytime soon!


We’re Jammin’


Last night was the March Ottawa Comic Jam! Sue, the organizer, was sick and sounded really bad, but she was there, which entitles her to big props! 

It was my second or third Jam and it’s quite the interesting experience. On the last Wednesday of every month, a bunch of animators/artists/curious people and sometimes their supportive spouses get together at Shanghai and draw. You create an image according to the month’s “theme” on a section of a piece of paper and pass it along for another person to build on.

The people at these events are incredibly talented animators/cartoon artists who can create a scene out of nowhere, so it’s always a bit intimidating for me, since I have neither an animation degree nor tons of experience drawing comics. But it’s a relaxed atmosphere and a chance to get silly, plus drawing from visual memory is something I am trying to work on. Last night’s theme was Spring, so there were many bunnies in the drawings. 

Once I arrived at the Jam, I discovered that I accidently grabbed the wrong bag and brought my videocamera instead of my regular photo camera. Oops! But then, I thought it would be cool to videotape some of the artists, as they sketch away with razor sharp focus. Here’s hoping the clips turned out! 🙂