We’re Jammin’


Last night was the March Ottawa Comic Jam! Sue, the organizer, was sick and sounded really bad, but she was there, which entitles her to big props! 

It was my second or third Jam and it’s quite the interesting experience. On the last Wednesday of every month, a bunch of animators/artists/curious people and sometimes their supportive spouses get together at Shanghai and draw. You create an image according to the month’s “theme” on a section of a piece of paper and pass it along for another person to build on.

The people at these events are incredibly talented animators/cartoon artists who can create a scene out of nowhere, so it’s always a bit intimidating for me, since I have neither an animation degree nor tons of experience drawing comics. But it’s a relaxed atmosphere and a chance to get silly, plus drawing from visual memory is something I am trying to work on. Last night’s theme was Spring, so there were many bunnies in the drawings. 

Once I arrived at the Jam, I discovered that I accidently grabbed the wrong bag and brought my videocamera instead of my regular photo camera. Oops! But then, I thought it would be cool to videotape some of the artists, as they sketch away with razor sharp focus. Here’s hoping the clips turned out! 🙂


2 thoughts on “We’re Jammin’

  1. Zhu

    I really should keep track of what’s going on in Ottawa! I always miss cool events. Where do you find them? Do you know if there are some “happening in Ottawa” lists on the web or anything similar?

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