My Arachnophobia

What are some of your phobias? Personally, I don’t like heights and large birds. I think birds are beautiful, but I will never own a large one like a cockatoo or parrot, they seem far too unpredictable in their moods.

But my greatest fear is spiders. Unfortunately for me, they seem to like me. Years ago, I pulled one out of my ear, another time I woke up in a camping trailer to find a big black one crawling up my thigh. When I volunteered at a zoo, I tried to conquer my fear by holding an adolescent pink toe tarantula. The bugger did not want to come off me and started crawling into my hair!

My most recent story happened just this past Saturday. I was sitting on my lazy boy watching Julie and Julia (One of the few “chick flicks” that I really enjoy) and flipping through a cookbook when I see something on my shoulder. Thinking it’s my hair, I don’t pay too much attention. But then, it moved. I turned my head and came face to face with a Harvestman on my shoulder!

I screamed, threw off my robe and started to frantically brush off my shoulders, arms and legs. Thankfully, he landed on the floor and scattered away. It wasn’t a bloodthirsty monster, just a Daddy Long Legs (who aren’t technically spiders), but it was still a shock. Hours passed and he stayed in his corner. Hubby woke up and came downstairs to make breakfast. After eating, I went to the basement to work on the computer.

I was typing away, when I noticed something scuttle out of the corner of my eye. Another spider!-This time a mid-sized black one was coming right at me! I scream again and Hubby runs downstairs, thinking I’m getting murdered.

“What? What?” He says

“Eeee…spider…’s coming for me!” I blurt pointing at the fowl beast

He laughs, picks it up with a paper towel and chucks it outside.

Feeling like a total wimp, I ask “Hubby do you think it’s silly that I’m scared of spiders?”

He replies: “No, but could you not scream so loud. You scare me when you do that!”

The rational part of my brain knows that spiders are everywhere and most are our friends. They eat pests and spin beautiful webs. They come in all sorts of dazzling colours and some people love them so much they buy them as pets. (Um no thanks!) Plus, few are dangerous to humans and a small percentage of them live in North America. But the legs and how quick they are scares the bejeezes out of me. I also tend to multiply them in my head, if I see one, then suddenly I’m picturing millions crawling all over me. But at least I don’t live in Australia, because in addition to having all sorts of dangerous beasts, they also have Huntsman spiders, which are huge. They have caused quite a few fatalaties, not because they’re venomous to humans, but because they like to hide out in cars and yell “surprise!” after the Aussies have started driving.:


It’s funny how diverse phobias can be; Snakes, rats, mice and even some bugs don’t bother me at all, but I know some people who will get on top of chairs to escape or can’t even bear to watch them on TV. But I’m determined to conquer my fears. It’s going to be gardening time soon and I’m kind of sick of being petrified of something so small. They really are more scared of me. I plan on doing much research and trying to get close to them physically until they don’t bother me so much anymore.

However, I don’t think I’ll be putting them on my face like the crazy guy in the video anytime soon!



16 thoughts on “My Arachnophobia

  1. Zhu

    Oh, poor you! Never go to Australia, they have some crazy spiders!

    I don’t mind spiders so much actually, as long as they keep their distance. I wouldn’t want one on me though.

    I’m not a huge fan of insects in general, especially scary-looking ones. At least, when I see a spider, I know it’s a spider. Like this weird thing I found in the hostel’s bathroom in Australia: (NOT a spider!). Or these local delicacies in China:

  2. Blueberry

    I am an arachnophobe too, and would not be able to hold a tarantula. Over the years, I have managed to develop tolerance for really small spiders, and I co-exist with the big ones only if they are outside and I know where they are. Medium to large spiders in the house must be caught by MrB and taken outside. I just can’t do it.

  3. Lynn

    I’m afraid of all things creepy crawly…even reading this post freaked me out. I’ve had two VERY memorable experiences with mice that left me shrieking, and bugs in general are awful all around. I think I’ve come to make my peace with snakes but in general, me and the creepies DO NOT MIX.

  4. Robin

    I couldn’t even read this whole thing, I’m getting chills. Absolutely terrified of spiders. I have nightmares about them when I wake up screaming and running out of the room. I woke up once covered in spider bites. Figures I live in the damn woods.

  5. bluntdelivery

    well, considering i just posted about how i have 7 legitimate self-diagnosed diseases, i’d say my phobia is just about EVERYTHING related to my health.


  6. Finola

    We get the odd house centipede in our house. Way more legs and way faster than spiders. Absolutely terrifying wretched things! Bleah.

    Eek, now I have the shiveries!

  7. neeroc

    Good lord those things are huge! I’m not afraid of the normal Canadian sized ones, not a fan either. But I am glad I live in a place where every creepy crawly isn’t trying to kill me.

  8. Pauline Post author

    Lynn-It definitely takes quite a huge amount of courage to deal with creepy crawlies, particularly the big ones!
    Robin-You woke up in spider bites? Yikes!

  9. Godless Lawyer

    For the record, a spider that isn’t even the size of a dime is not ‘mid-sized’.

  10. Kate

    Spiders don’t freak me out too much, which is good considering they take over our neighborhood during the warm months. There was one time, though, that one fell from the ceiling onto me in my bed while I was sleeping. NASTY. My big fear is the bee — any kind of bee. I’ve been stung too many times and now I’m completely irrational when one is in the vicinity.

  11. Pauline Post author

    Godless Lawyer-LIES!! 😉
    Kate-Ahhhhh! It fell on your bed while you were sleeping? That is frightening! Bees can be pretty crazy, particularly Africanized ones!
    Thoughtsappear-Heheh. Ducks are cute. I give parrots, cockatoos and carnivorous birds a wider berth.
    Omawarisan-Hm, I haven’t heard that one in awhile. What is it about slugs you don’t like? (Asides from the sliminess)

  12. Laura

    Yikes, Australia has some freaky critters. I’m afraid of heights, watersnakes, snapping turtles….anything that bites at the bottom of lakes.

    Whatever you do Pauline, don’t google camel spiders or talk to anyone that served in Afganistan. THOSE things freak. me. out.

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