Busy..and tired!

The past few weeks have been pretty busy for me, particularly at work. There was this major project due and I finished it. I finished it half an hour after my shift ended but it’s done.

At home, I’ve been keeping busy producing more artwork and running around doing errands, one of which was completing our taxes, which we did. (Hooray!) Last Saturday we had a dinner party for the first time in quite awhile (People in Ottawa tend to hibernate during the winter).  Earlier that day was a whirlwind of cleaning, scrubbing and cooking. When the guests arrived, each one asked how I was doing and I replied:

“Good..tired! Phew!.”

Once I sat down with some wine, though I started to feel better and forget how much my feet ached. The food turned out well and the conversation flowed. It was kind of funny though because it was such an “adult” type party-We all sat around in a circle, mostly coupled up, talking jobs and politics and entertainment. It wasn’t boring, it was nice. But sitting there, I remembered going to crazier parties with some of these people just a few years ago. Getting drunk…acting like an idiot..feeling embarrassed and reaching for Advil the next morning. Things change, I suppose, but I think that it’s a good thing. The migraines and ‘what the hell was I thinking’? just aren’t worth it anymore. By 10pm, all the guests were pretty tired anyways. 

Despite how much work they can be, I really like hosting dinner parties. The wine, the food, the fact you don’t have to leave your house..other than the cleaning, what’s not to like?

Lately, I’ve also been suffering from Springtime allergies, so that’s also been making me feel drowsy. People have been looking at me like I have the plague or something. Nope just allergies. I think I’ve already gone through a hundred boxes of Kleenex and its only April!  Anyways, for the rest of the week, I’ve been suckered into going to a Mary Kay “girly party” by a coworker this Thursday. There will be desserts and pedicures and many sales pitches. Not really my thing, but I figured what the hell? I need a new face wash. I’ll just have to be prepared to say no to a million other products.

This long weekend is Easter, so we’ll be visiting with family. I’m looking forward to it! I’ve also got a gift idea for the parents! Eeeee! So excited! I hope I can finish it in time!

Well that’s it for my rambling.  Enjoy your long weekend!


7 thoughts on “Busy..and tired!

  1. Zhu

    Everybody feels tired these days… I blame it on the crazy weather we’ve been having. I mean, have you seen today’s weather? Ridiculous!

    The end of the fiscal year is always a bit crazy in Ottawa and affects a lot of people working in various industries. That makes me think I really have to do my taxes…

  2. leashieloo

    I’m suffering from jet lag, so I feel your pain on the drowsiness! And I’ve only recently began to develop allergies, so I feel your pain x2 😦

  3. Pauline

    Zhu-The weather really sucks! So cold and grey!
    Bluntdelivery-Sorry to hear you miss your kitty. It’s so hard when animals go. I hope you had a happy Easter too though!
    LA Cochran-Hey, they asked! 😉
    Leashieloo-Jet lag is not fun, but at least you got to go away. (and eat nummy poffertjes. ;))

  4. Finola

    Whenever I have a dinner party, I get so caught up in the cleaning that I have no time to cook. Lucky for me that Hubby likes to cook, so we can each do our thing and have a good evening. Thanks for reminding me that I like hosting and should do it more often!

    And I really like my mary kay stuff 🙂

  5. Pauline Post author

    Finola-That’s great that you guys divide and conquer like that when you have a dinner party. I’m going to try the Mary Kay facial cleanser, maybe I’ll really like it too!

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