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Comics and Meeting more Bloggers..

Last Wednesday was the two year anniversary of the Ottawa Comic Jam! It was a decent turnout for this special occasion. Troy Little was there and I wanted to tell him that I really liked his book Chiaroscuro, but I’m not sure he heard me when I mentioned having read it. We were also on opposite ends of the table,  so that made things difficult. I was feeling a bit tired that day and unsure what to draw, so I created a forlorn flower. And from there it went to some pretty crazy places, which is one of the best things about the Comic Jam!  (Sorry, I didn’t take a photo of it. Hindsight=20/20)

There was talk of cupcakes on the Jam Facebook page and people actually did bring sweets! Yay! Sue even set up a little dessert table in the restaurant:

Those cupcakes with green icing contained Creme eggs inside and they were SO good! By the time Hubby arrived after working late, I wanted to bring them all home with me. There was a draw at this event and I won a $30 Chapters gift card! Yay! I think I will use it to buy…more comics! 😉

On Friday night after work, I met Zhu at Bridgehead Coffee. Zhu is quite the interesting, outgoing person, with some very cool stories. I’m looking forward to seeing her again and hearing more about her adventures.

This past weekend consisted of cleaning and drawing. You know the scoop. BUT I got a new drawing table!:

I bought it and Hubby set it up. It is so nice not to have to draw at the kitchen table with the odd food crumb or cat lounging around on my supplies. Speaking of cats, I am going to finish this post with a cute photo of one of said cats-Maggie:


Victoria Day Weekend

This long weekend was spent eating, drinking and sleeping. I had intended to be more productive…but that’s what the weekday is for, yes?

Apart from being lazy, however, Hubby and I did manage to go downtown to the Museum of Nature. We saw dinosaurs:

In addition to the dinosaur display, they also had on on the seas and it’s creatures, like this majestic blue whale:

There is also a nifty geological area where I spotted a giant globe of the planet earth. A television was nearby and I noticed the words: “Earthquakes are a regular occurrence on this planet and are due to shifting tectonic plates” Do you hear that Rapture nuts?!  There was also some pretty jewelry in that section:

and here is Calcite:


After visiting the insectarium, we left to eat and on the way, spotted the very common on Victoria Day weekend-Inebriated Apartment Dweller specimen, one of whom was having laundry issues:

After snapping the photo, the Dwellers gave the obligatory, “Wooooo!”

I also did a bit of drinking this weekend. Not as much as Stinky Britches up there, but Hubby busted out the blender and we had some iced drinks, like this Pina Colada:

Pierre looks pissed in this photo, and not in the traditional long weekend way! Velcro Cat clearly does not approve of blended drinks!

Anywho, that was pretty much the weekend. Why can’t every weekend be three days?

Dinner and other Stuff..

Last weekend, I went out for dinner with Mindful Merchant. It was a nice evening, well except for the fact that the restaurant I picked-Atomic Rooster– had a band, so we ended up shouting at each other over our meals. Plus, it was packed, so naturally it was super hot. Thankfully, our waitress turned on the AC. It was a nice restaurant, the food was o.k. and our waitress was very attentive, but I think next time, I will take better care to make sure that there isn’t a band playing. I like music, but it’s not very conducive to getting to know someone.

Ottawa is doing much better in the restaurant department than it used to, but it still can be a challenge to find a place that serves great food but isn’t super expensive.

What are some of your favorite spots?

In other news, I went to a podiatrist for the first time. I’ve been experiencing sharp pains in my right knee and yesterday my right hip muscles decided to freak out for some reason while I was walking to my office. After waiting a few minutes to fill in a form, I was shown to a waiting room and in no time at all, the doc showed up. I removed my socks and shoes, he looked at my feet and exclaimed: “Those are some flat feet!”

Tell me something I don’t know.

He explained that my right foot has completely “collapsed” and my left foot will too soon. That is why I’ve been getting such bad knee pain. Then he guided my feet into these boxes filled with foam and $500 later, I got a receipt for some inserts and a promise that they should be arriving soon.

In addition to my duck-like feet, I also have crap posture, which I doubt is helping things. But it is really difficult standing perfectly erect for eight hours at a desk and one hour commuting back and forth. It just feels so unnatural.

How about you? Do you have trouble maintaining perfect posture at your job?



Last night we got together with Johnny and his lady for dinner. I didn’t want to go to another pub. I wanted to go somewhere spiffy, tasty and new, so I picked the latest pizza joint in town: Za Za Za Pizza, smack dab betweenVanier and New Edinburgh:

In case it isn’t obvious enough, Za Za Za isn’t just small, but TINY! Just a little black hut on the corner. The washrooms were really small and the door presses up right against your face!  The floors in them were also slanted, so that made things..challenging. What they did with the small space, however, was decorate it with cool stuff like this candle holder:

and this slide show image that spun on the wall:

The food and drinks both ended up being great, my friends had lemonade, while I enjoyed this Black Cherry drink:

Cherry flavoured anything is pretty much the key to this girl’s heart. So good! For appetizers, we had sweet potato and dye cut chips, complete with dipping sauces.

The pizzas are fantastic! Thin crust (which is the way it should be I think) with fresh ingredients and lots of spices. The pizzas all had humorous titles in the menu-like Scary Roommate which has Kraft Dinner sprinkled on top. The staff was attentive and friendly, bringing us extra napkins and sauces very quickly.

If you’re looking for a funky new place for dinner and don’t mind eating in a small area, then I recommend ZaZaZa Pizza!

What the hell Canada?

This not a “political blog” and while I try to stay informed, I don’t like to have never ending discussions and heated debates on current political issues. But since the Conservative Party of Canada won a majority last night and now the get to run this country into the ground for the next four years, I feel I must say something.

The majority of Conservatives oppose the arts, homosexuals (and gay marriage obviously), the gun registry, sexual education and abortion, environmentalists (or pretty much anyone who wants to actually help the environment) the poor and homeless and anyone who is not straight and right wing and ideally rural. Stephen Harper is a rigid, ignorant, control freak who can’t stand any type of dissension.

Canadians will now be spending billions on more prisons where minor offenders will serve mandatory minimum sentences and consequently turn into even more hardened criminals. Our dollars will be put towards more ridiculous over expenditures like the fighter jets, a “Taj Mahal” for the DND spy agency and fake lakes of embarrassment past. They spend billions on stupid items like these and yet have the nerve to insist that other parties waste tax payers money! And what’s even worse is that their win ensures that Christian fundamentalists and conservative special interest groups will probably have even more ability to meddle in politics and twist things to suit their backwards, idiotic agenda.

A sad day for this country indeed…