What the hell Canada?

This not a “political blog” and while I try to stay informed, I don’t like to have never ending discussions and heated debates on current political issues. But since the Conservative Party of Canada won a majority last night and now the get to run this country into the ground for the next four years, I feel I must say something.

The majority of Conservatives oppose the arts, homosexuals (and gay marriage obviously), the gun registry, sexual education and abortion, environmentalists (or pretty much anyone who wants to actually help the environment) the poor and homeless and anyone who is not straight and right wing and ideally rural. Stephen Harper is a rigid, ignorant, control freak who can’t stand any type of dissension.

Canadians will now be spending billions on more prisons where minor offenders will serve mandatory minimum sentences and consequently turn into even more hardened criminals. Our dollars will be put towards more ridiculous over expenditures like the fighter jets, a “Taj Mahal” for the DND spy agency and fake lakes of embarrassment past. They spend billions on stupid items like these and yet have the nerve to insist that other parties waste tax payers money! And what’s even worse is that their win ensures that Christian fundamentalists and conservative special interest groups will probably have even more ability to meddle in politics and twist things to suit their backwards, idiotic agenda.

A sad day for this country indeed…

12 thoughts on “What the hell Canada?

  1. Zhu

    I know… it sucks. Can’t say I’m surprised, I saw it coming considering how weak the Liberals are. I’m happy the NDP got a lot of seats and I hope the Liberals will get their shit together.

    Meanwhile, four long years ahead…

  2. pinklea

    I’m hoping that having the NDP as the official opposition might soften the Conservatives’ policies a bit and provide the voice of reason. Elizabeth May being the first member of the Green Party ever elected could also bring a bit of sanity to the madhouse. Funny – nobody will admit to voting Conservative, but somehow they got a whopping majority. Wonder how that happened?!

  3. Pauline Post author

    Zhu-I REALLY hope the Liberals get their shit together and fast! They need a new strong, charismatic leader that inspires confidence and can help the party and this country.

  4. Pauline Post author

    Pinklea-I just worry about having such extreme right and extreme left viewpoints in politics, but perhaps they will soften the Cons a bit. Many of my friends and family did not vote Conservative and we’ve seen a lot of red on lawns the past couple weeks, so it does make one wonder how they won..

  5. leashieloo

    Oh no, your country is turning into mine. We’re still trying to dig ourselves out of the hole the last administration has dug us into. Don’t even get me started. I miss the days when I didn’t pay attention to politics, ignorance truly is bliss.

  6. Blueberry

    I’ve always thought of Canada as a place that ran on good sense and sanity. Feeling your pain and hoping that the USA can manage to survive the Conservative Crazies. The pendulum does swing, and a lot of patience is sometimes required for it to swing back in the proper direction.

  7. Laura

    I’m still trying to figure out who voted Conservative? No one is owning up to it. That adds to my bewilderment. Elizabeth May is the positive thing I keep focusing on…but I wonder how much she will be able to accomplish? Sigh.

  8. Pauline Post author

    Leashieloo-I know! It’s craziness! Ignorance is bliss..but I guess not recommended long term. Politics can be so exhausting though!
    Lone Grey Squirrel-A lot of people are wondering what happened to the Liberals! We seriously need to regroup!
    Blueberry-Conservative Crazies..too true! Patience is not my forté, but I guess I’ll have to try!
    Laura-That is good to hear about May, I hope the Greens can bring more environmental issues to the forefront. 🙂

  9. Laura Best

    I don’t usually make any public comments about politics, but I’ve got to say that I, and everyone else I know, was disappointed. I also heard that, even though they won the election, they certainly didn’t have the support of most Canadians. I believe I heard 60% of those who voted, voted against this government. Really feels like a step back for Canadians.

  10. Pauline Post author

    Laura Best-It is very unfortunate. I think our voting system is partially to blame for them winning.
    Finola-There might be some very scary changes in the future, so I am afraid as well!

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