Victoria Day Weekend

This long weekend was spent eating, drinking and sleeping. I had intended to be more productive…but that’s what the weekday is for, yes?

Apart from being lazy, however, Hubby and I did manage to go downtown to the Museum of Nature. We saw dinosaurs:

In addition to the dinosaur display, they also had on on the seas and it’s creatures, like this majestic blue whale:

There is also a nifty geological area where I spotted a giant globe of the planet earth. A television was nearby and I noticed the words: “Earthquakes are a regular occurrence on this planet and are due to shifting tectonic plates” Do you hear that Rapture nuts?!  There was also some pretty jewelry in that section:

and here is Calcite:


After visiting the insectarium, we left to eat and on the way, spotted the very common on Victoria Day weekend-Inebriated Apartment Dweller specimen, one of whom was having laundry issues:

After snapping the photo, the Dwellers gave the obligatory, “Wooooo!”

I also did a bit of drinking this weekend. Not as much as Stinky Britches up there, but Hubby busted out the blender and we had some iced drinks, like this Pina Colada:

Pierre looks pissed in this photo, and not in the traditional long weekend way! Velcro Cat clearly does not approve of blended drinks!

Anywho, that was pretty much the weekend. Why can’t every weekend be three days?

9 thoughts on “Victoria Day Weekend

  1. Zhu

    I went to the Nature Museum years ago, when it was still half-closed for renovations. It was cool though, I remember the insects and the scary scorpions.

  2. leashieloo

    I hear you! We’ve got a three day weekend coming up…this weekend in fact, and I am sooo impatient for it to begin! And I’m literally LOLing about the Stinky Britches, good times!

  3. Betty

    I think I’ll be spending the upcoming long weekend like yours….minus the museum….so I guess that means I’ll be drinking pina coladas – good idea!

  4. Pauline Post author

    Thoughtsappear-Those drinks were tasty, so maybe he was miffed! 😉
    Zhu-I liked the insect display and the scorpions. The stick insects were my fav though.
    Leashieloo-It will come and go in a flash, ours did! I’ve seen lots of drinking downtown, but not quite as many have a board and marker handy..

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