Our Trip-Part 1 Toronto

Last Friday, after tidying up a bit and ensuring the cats had enough food and water , I shoved a bunch of clothes in my carryon bag and drove downtown to pick up Hubby. We dropped off the puppy with his folks and were on our way to Toronto.

While driving in Carleton Place, we spotted something very weird. And funny. There was a car stopped on the side of the highway and a guy stood directly behind his vehicle peeing on the ground! He didn’t go off in the bushes or wait for a service station, nope he just got out his junk and pissed right there on the highway, waving at those passing by who honked their horn at him! Craziness!  The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful. No more peeing rednecks, but I think I reached my quota with that one anyways. (Ew!) While in Toronto, we stayed with my brother and his girlfriend to break up the duration of the driving to Niagara Falls, in their partly boxed up apartment (they’re moving at the end of the month) On Saturday, we had dinner and watched the latest X-Men movie and debated its pros and cons on the way back to their place. 

My verdict? It was good. Infinitely better than the poorly executed and ridiculous Wolverine film and an improvement from X-Men 3, which bugged the hell out of me. 

Sunday consisted of waiting FOREVER for a bus in the humidity (I thought Toronto had better public transit than Ottawa, but apparently not on Sundays) and going to the Kensington Market area.

The area was packed, particularly with hipsters, who were walking, driving or bicycling in all directions. (One d-bag on a bicycle angrily yelled “Hey!” at me when I tried crossing the street and we saw him also yell at other hapless pedestrians. Where was he going that was so important? Nowhere, the idiot was cycling in large circles around the block!) We looked in a few stores, but nothing really grabbed me. Well except for a dress with dragonfly wing designed onto the back, that was nifty and I bought it for our anniversary. I did also manage to snap some more photos of the area:

Not wanting to wait for hours for a bus, then trolley, we took a cab back to my brother’s and crashed on the couch. For dinner we had the best pizza I ever had-Big Slice. Hmm!

We left in the late morning on Monday. My brother and his girlfriend had appointments and I wanted to get a headstart on the rest of our journey. Somehow I got the bright idea that it would be “fun” to hang around Hamilton and have lunch there since it was on the way. When I got there and looked around however, I soon changed my mind. Hamilton isn’t bad, per se, but it’s still recovering from the plant closures in the area and it has this underlying grim feeling. Not as grim as Oshawa/Whitby mind you, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of time there. (No offence to any Hamiltonians out there!)

However, we had some great sushi there at a place called August 8. We were wandering around trying to figure out where to eat and found it tucked away. Fantastic food!

After lunch, we left to continue our journey onto Niagara Falls..


9 thoughts on “Our Trip-Part 1 Toronto

  1. Zhu

    The guy peeing outside… it reminds me of Bolivia. I’m not sure why but men in Bolivia pee everywhere and it stank of urine. I hated that!

    I watched X-Men too and liked the movie, which surprised me because I’m not into Marvel stuff usually.

  2. Kate

    We had an encounter a few Easters ago with a guy peeing on the street! We were driving to my BIL’s house on a very windy day. All of a sudden we see an older guy (well into his senior citizen years) on the side of the road. As we get closer, we notice he’s totally holding his junk in his hand, peeing into the street! I guess he didn’t want the wind to blow his pee back onto him, but for pete’s sake, he could have at least stood BEHIND his car instead of in front of it!

  3. Laura

    Ah, I haven’t eaten at Big Slice since highschool. Great pizza! Really like the photos of Kensington Market, still looks the same.

  4. Pauline Post author

    Thoughtsappear-Will do.
    Godless Lawyer-I know! Those were so good!
    Zhu-Gross! What the hell is wrong with some people?
    Kate-Seriously! I wrote “behind the car” in my post, but I meant to say “beside” because like your guy, we could see everything! Some men were raised in barns apparently..
    Laura-I liked Kensington o.k. but it wasn’t my favorite area. Too much trying to be cool packed in one little area. Big Slice is great!

  5. leashieloo

    I’ve been debating whether or not to see the new Xmen film. On one hand, the plot seems compelling, but at the same time they’re really milking this series for all it’s worth. And I wasn’t a plan of Wolverine myself :/

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