Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake

On June 7, we celebrated our three year wedding anniversary and decided to ring in the occasion by eating at the insanely overpriced Skylon Tower:

We went all the way up to the revolving restaurant, sat down and ate food that was pretty mediocre. It was disappointing. The restaurant tries to advertise itself as very classy, but it was mainly just a racket. And really, what gourmet place serves iceburg lettuce with Kraft dressing?  But, the main reason you go is for the view and that’s why they can ding ya:

There was also some girl going around with a camera trying to take photos of people and charge them an arm and a leg for their picture in an album. I had my own camera with me and asked the waitress to take our picture, so at least we didn’t get ripped off paying for photos.  But despite the cost, it was a romantic meal.  Hubby and I have been together for about seven years altogether! The time went by really fast! The next day, we relocated to our B&B in Niagara on the Lake. We toured around the shopping downtown area in the sweltering heat:

There were some neat shops, including an old style pharmacy, but I didn’t really buy too much. One thing that pissed me off though was this couple and their dog. There was a guy and a girl walking this poor little furball who was panting up a storm in the 38 C degree weather! They would stop every few feet and she would check out the stores while her boyfriend and her canine would wait outside in the sun.  Seriously, I felt like going up to them and asking if they had sawdust for brains! When it’s unbearably hot or cold outside, that is not the time to make your dog stand outside for hours while you try on clothes or look at postcards!


It grinds my gears that people are that selfish and stupid! Afterwards I thought that I should’ve said something to them, I mean the poor thing didn’t even have any water! But I really didn’t want to get into a fight with someone  on my vacation.

Anyways, we hightailed back to the B&B to collapse on our bed and watched “Fletch Lives” I love 80s Chevy Chase and his glorious chin!  Around dinner, Travis and Dave got into Niagara Falls so we met them for dinner. And actually, despite moving to a B&B in Niagara on the Lake, the remainder of our time in the area was mostly spent in Niagara Falls hanging with Travis and Dave . Travis is my best friend and I never see him, so I wanted to make the most of our time together. After dinner, we went on the giant ferris wheel. It was so beautiful at night, here is the view from the top:

After the ferris wheel, we went into the much hyped “Nightmares: Fear Factory“:

I love haunted houses and I had heard that this one was particularly scary, so we went in. It is pitch black, humid as hell and you follow some weak red lights, all the while someone would jump out at you or touch your hair. It was pretty good actually. But if you go, don’t “chicken out”, like so many others, it’s not that bad!  They take your photo in there and ours turned out pretty hilarious. (And no I am not posting it on here!)  Dave is in front, a bit immune to the peril since he is deaf, Travis and I are clutching at each other and screaming and Hubby is at the back looking bored. Priceless! In fact, I recommend going to Nightmares just for seeing your photo afterwards!

Over the next two days, we went to a few different places, like Ripley’s Believe it or Not. There was all sorts of stuff in there and I thought I would post this photo for Jen:

They had the usual display of strange people and new cultures that Ripley discovered.  I took photos but they would probably make this post even longer so I’ll skip posting them. We also went to the cheaper (as in not as good) Wax Museum. Michael Jackson music was on constant rotation outside and they had his “Thriller” look inside:

The wax museum also had the actors from Oceans Eleven and a casino wheel next to it. Dave thought it would be fun to spin the wheel, which unfortunately caused a ear piercing alarm to go off. Oops!

Our other activities included two 3-D rides and glow in the dark golf. And we also went to the Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory:

Butterfly Conservatory inside:

and here are two images of some of the butterflies you can see:

and lastly:

If I had to recommend one “must-see” place in the Niagara region, it would be the Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory, they were both so beautiful! Hubby was quite attractive to the butterflies and he carefully passed one on to me.*  I observed it and took photos and then the little guy still hung on!  I had to have an employee go underneath the butterfly and gently detach the butterfly from my fingers! LOL

A nice end to a nice trip!

*FYI-If a butterfly lands or crawls on you, do NOT touch their very delicate wings. You can very easily damage them.


17 thoughts on “Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake

  1. Laura

    Iceberg lettuce and Kraft dressing you say? That is a rip-off. I’ve never eaten at the CN tower but the view is amazing. The butterfly conservatory is my favourite too. If you wear bright colours they land on you.

  2. pinklea

    I’ve eaten in that Niagara Falls restaurant too, and you’re right, the food isn’t fabulous. For me, the highlight there was running into my uncle and his wife who were visiting from Edmonton – well, and the view, too, I guess!

  3. Hippie Cahier

    What a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary. Happy, happy! These are great photos, and the view is worth the iceberg lettuce and Kraft dressing. 🙂

  4. Jen

    I wonder if they named the ratty with two tails? I would name him Jimmy Two Tails 🙂

    Glad you had a good time at the butterfly conservatory! They look like they’re really enjoying those orange slices . . .

  5. Zhu

    I actually ate there when we got married in Niagara Falls. We eloped and got a deal on the hotel room and a dinner at the Skylon. It was low season (late March). I remember the view being really nice but the food wasn’t great nor special. That said, I don’t think it was that expensive at the time, otherwise we certainly couldn’t have afford it!

  6. bluntdelivery

    ok, dude.

    we have a restaurant like that in chicago too. wtf is up with really tall buildings with restaurants in the top that are incapable of making decent food. and they are always SO EXPENSIVE.

    ugh. sorry =( but congrats on the anniversary!

  7. Pie

    Butterflies feed on oranges? How random is that?! I would love to spend time in a butterfly house, they really are beautiful.

    That’s a shockingly bad wax museum. If you hadn’t said that the scene with the roulette wheel was representing the film Ocean Eleven, I would’ve thought it was a game show host and his contestants.

    Now that you have informed me of the Skylon rip off… err… restaurant, I’ll do my best to avoid it – Iceberg lettuce and Kraft dressing, for goodness sake. I’m glad that this and the silly couple with their poor dog didn’t spoil the enjoyment of your trip. Happy anniversary!

  8. Pauline Post author

    Laura-The food in general was a rip-off for sure! Next time I’m in a butterfly conservatory, I’ll have to wear bright colours!
    Pinklea-What are the odds that you run into your extended family that high up in the sky? The view is nice.

  9. Pauline Post author

    Jen-I don’t know, but having two tails should earn you at least a name! Some butterflies really like rotting fruit!
    Zhu-Niagara Falls is quite romantic so it sounds like a great place to get married! The low season certainly helps but I found the food much better and cheaper at nearby Niagara on the Lake. Did you guys visit there too?

  10. Pauline Post author

    Pie-Yep, they like fruit! And flowers, naturally/ LOL! Yes, the “Hollywood Wax Museum” is no “Madame Tussaud’s” that’s for sure!
    Leashieloo-Heights can be scary but the ferris wheel consists of fully enclosed pods, so I found it not so bad. You go around about four times though, so that might be too much for you.

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