Last night after work, Hubby picked me up and we went to one of my fav Ottawa restaurants-Pub Italia-followed by the Blog Out Loud event at Prescott.  It was the night of the “small world” cliché, as we ran into one of my cousins at Pub Italia, learned that Tamara sitting next to us has a friend who works at the exact same law firm as Hubby and Alison is good friend with someone who I’ve been friends with for awhile now. (This friend is a non-blogger)

The event was held in the basement of The Prescott and fit the huge blogging community much better than previous venues. My main beef was the fact that we were right next to the A/C. Hubby asked them to turn it off, but it just went from blowing out of one vent to another vent. But I didn’t get too hung up on it. Being the perma-cold that I am, I brought my jacket. There were dozens of new faces, some of whom were reading and only a handful that I recognized from last year’s BOLO.

But I still managed to squeeze across the room and chat up Dani, Alison, Nat, Maven, Famethrowa, Lynn and Laura and squeaked a few words to strangers. Striking up conversation-With acquaintances/friends or strangers- can be tough for me though because I’m kinda nervous/shy and I always worry before, during and after that I’m going to blurt out something without thinking or say something and intend it a certain way and it be interpreted in a completely different way. (Both have happened more than once!)  My sense of humor tends to also be pretty dry/dark and deadpan, so people think I’m being serious when I’m not. When I see familiar bloggers, I also never know whether to hug them or not. For instance, I had wanted to hug Maven but with all that she’s been through physically, I was a bit reluctant, because I didn’t want to risk hurting her. (In addition to social awkwardness, I am also a bit of a klutz. :P)

Anyways, insecure self-consciousness aside, it was a good night. The theme of the readings appeared to be “Mommyhood” which is something I’m unfamiliar with, but I found the readings entertaining, honest, heartfelt and refreshing.  There were also lots of photographers last night, buzzing around the room with nice cameras.  Mine was having “technical difficulties” last night and I couldn’t get the focus to work, so the photos are a bit fuzzy. But here are some shots anyways:

Some audience members listening to the posts:

Photography was on display on a projector:

Jesse Hildebrand photographing me photographing him. He had a sweet lookin’ camera and probably knows a heck a lot more than me about them, so I’m thinking his shot of me turned out better. Here’s hoping!

Sara McConnell reading her post: “If Wishes were Horses

Unfortunately we had to leave around 9pm, Hubby was tired after a long day at the office and our dog had been holding it in all day. I’ll read the remaining posts though. It’s not the same as hearing it from the author’s mouth, but it will have to do.

Thanks Lynn and the readers and photographers for another great BOLO!


16 thoughts on “BOLO

  1. Lynn

    So good seeing you last night! Next time feel free to hug away :). When I get a glass of red wine in me I’m a HUGGER.

  2. Finola

    I saw you from afar, but was too shy, awkward and anxious to say hello. Plus I probably would have knocked over my chair getting up, so alas, I sadly missed talking to you 😦

    Next year?

  3. The Maven

    You are lovely and sweet and wonderful to talk to. And you can give me a hug any time! And believe it or not, you’re not the only one who thinks she’s a socially awkward klutz (right here, baby).

    Let’s see each other again sometime before next BOLO, k? That gives us a whole year. I’m thinking we can figure something out!

  4. Laura

    I am so happy you came over to talk. Hug away! I’m a hugger and yet, I was not brave enough to leave my corner. (this is a problem)

  5. Pauline Post author

    Lynn-LOL. Glad to hear it!
    Zhu-I looked for you! That’s too bad! Next year you should definitely come and stay! 🙂

  6. Pauline Post author

    Sara-Heheh. It’s a good one! I wished for a horse too when I was younger. (Didn’t get one, but my parents did eventually install a pool, which was great!)

  7. Pauline Post author

    Finola-I guess I’m not the only shy one around, but that’s o.k, it was pretty packed in there. It took some maneuvering to get around. I hope to see you before next year!

  8. Pauline Post author

    The Maven-Aww, thank you! That’s so nice! Yes, lets get together. I’m still hoping to try organizing another meal outing with local lady bloggers!

  9. Tamara

    Great post! I read it the day after but I’m usually reading on the iPad to or from work and making comments is awkward! Thanks for posting one of my favourite shots that I submitted to the slideshow 🙂 Looking forward to meeting up again!

  10. Pauline Post author

    Laura-Not brave enough or just stuck? 😉 It was pretty packed!
    Meanie-Damn we missed you! Well I hope to meet you sometime before the next BOLO.
    Tamara-It’s a great photo and I also look forward to chatting again!

  11. Pauline Post author

    Pearl-Not a great nor complete report, but sort of a summary of half of it from the corner next to the stage. Hehe. Thanks anyways. Will you come to the next one?

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