I love Boating!

It’s been hot as hell in our house lately. Our air conditioner hasn’t worked since it was installed this past January and the repairman on Friday said that it would be another few days until someone else could come and fix the leaky valve. Urrr!

It was a beautiful day outside on Saturday, too hot to spend boiling alive inside, so we went to my parents for a boating excursion. My parents moved to the boonies and bought a boat last autumn, so this was our first time on their new boat out on the water.

It was Selena’s first time on a boat period and I was worried that she would spaz out like she does with practically everything else. But nope she was a trooper. She took to the water like a..well..like a spaniel to water. Silly me! I needn’t have worried! Here she is while we were putting the boat into the water:

And here she is soon after takeoff. She loves to be up front where the action is.  My mom and I were quite relaxed in the front, it was so nice having the river spray in your face.

Here’s another one of Selena with the wind in her..ears. She reminds me of Falcor:

The river was pretty busy with boaters, water skiiers and even some crazy bastards who were jumping off a highway bridge into the water below. Smart. (not!) I took some photos of some of the boats rushing by:

Eventually we stopped somewhere quiet and swam outside. After hours of no air conditioning, it felt so frickin’ awesome! And then it was at this point that I lost my shirt. Literally. I took it off to go swimming in my bathing suit and it just disappeared. Weird.

Despite that minor set back, it was lots of fun. Maybe next time I’ll try water skiing. (Lets hope I don’t lose any more clothing then!)


13 thoughts on “I love Boating!

  1. leashieloo

    Definitely looks like a tan version of Falcor! You’re lucky to have access to a boat like that, it’s been ages for me. Perfect for a hot, summer day.

  2. allison

    God, it’s been SO HOT lately – that sucks about your AC. What a beautiful boating day, though. I’ve given up trying water skiing after years of failure and humiliation. Hope you have better luck/

  3. Zhu

    That’s cool! I wish I knew someone who has a boat, or even a canoe. It seems like a fun thing to do in the summer!

  4. Pauline Post author

    Leashieloo-We are lucky. My parents are now an hour and a half away, which is a bit of a trip, but that’s o.k.
    Allison-Water skiing looks pretty tricky! I’m a little nervous considering how klutzy I am, but as long as I don’t swallow the whole river or lose my bathing suit, I should be o.k.
    Thoughtsappear-Thanks! She’ll look even cuter after her haircut this weekend! 🙂
    Zhu-I believe you can rent a canoe or paddleboat, but yes, it is nice to not have to pay for the privilege of being on the water.

  5. kilax

    I crave time on the boat in the summer! It feels so good on a hot day. You should totally try water skiing. I am anxious to hear what you think of it!

  6. Pauline Post author

    Get off my Lawn-That sucks, but you guys don’t get as much snow in the winter right? (Or if you’re in Vancouver, none at all)

  7. bevchen

    The water looks beautiful! As does the weather. Our summer has so far consisted of rain, rain, and an extra portion of rain. It was supposed to get better after wednesday but today it chucked it down again. *sigh*.

  8. Pauline Post author

    Bevchen-Sorry to hear that! A bit of rain in the summer is important but too much of it definitely sucks! I hope some sun comes your way soon! 🙂

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