Monthly Archives: August 2011

I’m still here!

Has it really been more than a month since I’ve posted here? Crazy! I’ve been busy and haven’t been feeling as much into the blogging spirit, but here are some photos of things we’ve done over the past few weeks.

We went on the Ottawa Haunted Walk. I had to drag Hubby to this, he’s not as into the paranormal and creepy stuff, but I think we had a pretty good time. Here is our lovely tour guide:

She told us all sorts of interesting tales, like that Sparks street used to be a giant graveyard back in the olden days and showed us all the alleged haunted buildings, like Lisgar Collegiate school. Lisgar supposedly has a ghost in the attic who might belong to a person killed by ice that fell off the roof. I took a shot of the attic, see anything? Yeah, me neither. Oh well, supposedly they do get the occasional ghost image sent to them:

Hubby and I also spent August long weekend at his parents timeshare on Wolf Lake. It was great! Well apart from getting lost on the way there and sheepishly muttering to them as we arrived, exhausted. But the rest of the weekend consisted of swimming, shopping and eating wonderful food. Hubby also got quite a bit of golf time in there. (I’m more of a mini putter than a serious golfer myself) Anywho, here are two photos:

This the back of a really fun store in tour around in nearby Merrickville. They have the main store, plus the backyard and a shed, full of trinkets:

And what would a trip photo from yours truly be without a funny/weird/douchey licence plate. File this one under a funny and proud Canadian:

Lastly we went to the Carp Garlic Fair. It wasn’t as fun, but I did get some great produce. It was really busy, as you can tell from the photo:

In retrospect I should’ve bought some marinades or chutney, that stuff is always good at these Garlic fairs. The pies looked AMAZING too, but Hubby and I are both on diets at the moment. He lost 20lbs! I’ve lost…some too. He’s been working out three times a week. As for, does taking the stairs at work sometimes count? 😉

So that’s it for now, but check my art blog as there will be more updates there and next weekend and the weekend after we will be going to Toronto..again! Our first trip to TO will be for the Fan Expo and the weekend following will be for a wedding.  So check back here too, there will be photos of sci-fi/cult/comic/horror celebrities one week and people doing the funky chicken after too many drinks at the open bar the weekend after! 🙂