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I know that you need to moderate comments and yes, anonymous ones can be creepy, but can some of you please change your comment settings? Please, with a cherry on top? What’s been happening is that I find a cool new blog, take the time to write a comment but am then denied because I don’t have a Google/Blogger account!


I just want to say hi, but with my WordPress account info. Surely we can all coexist in this big bloggin’ world!

Thanks 😀


Toronto Wedding

Last, last, last Thursday, we went to Toronto again, this time for a wedding. Getting there was nuts because Hubby had to be at the bachelor party for the groom at 4:30pm. (!!)

They-the grooms brothers- organized a bachelor party at 4:30pm, on a Thursday in downtown Toronto! (?) Ahhh!!!

So we had to boot it all the way there with only one, very brief stressful stop for lunch, check into our hotel quickly and Hubby had to change and cab it the rest of the way in godawful Toronto traffic! (The Toronto Exhibition was also on during this time) It was less than fun. But he got there eventually and they all partied on. As for me, I stayed behind in the hotel, listening to the sounds of cars rushing by on the highway. Turns out our hotel was pretty much right on the highway. I put some earplugs in and tried to turn on the air conditioner, but it was still really loud! We were able, however, to change rooms so we were facing Lake Ontario. SO much better!

The next day, we went out to “Easy Restaurant” for breakfast. It’s a smallish, low-key place with a Easy Rider theme. Very cool! If you’re ever in the Queen Street West area, I recommend visiting. The food and service is

Mural at the back area. I thought it was pretty nifty:

We strolled around for the rest of the day and visited a friend who was offering her house to many of the wedding guests for the weekend. Her boxer dog was there, but was a bit wary of us for some reason. Normally, dogs love us, but I guess we were two more bodies in an already fairly busy house! She came around eventually though! Here is a blurry photo of Roxy the Boxer:

Then we hurried back to our hotel, changed into our finery and made it to the church. The ceremony was nice, usual stuff, I suppose. Having babies was mentioned about fifty times, and was reiterated again throughout the rest of the weekend. So I’m sure it won’t be long before we find out the bride is pregnant. 😉 The reception was held at Ontario Place at the Atlantis Pavilion. We could see the Toronto Fair in the distance, a million lights decorating rides and signs. It is a really
beautiful spot to have a wedding reception.

It was a good time, everyone was happy and smiling. It was open-bar, so I indulged (Hey, it was free!I’ll take anything that’s free!) So by the end of the night, I was pretty buzzed. For some reason, some people considered me being intoxicated very noteworthy, but hey it’s a wedding and I wanted to have fun! I rarely get drunk, but when I do, I just get happy and like to dance. Nothing wrong with that!

Of course, the next morning, I paid for indulging so much and felt fairly ill at the sight of the pulled pork sandwiches that were served at the brunch for the couple. Blech! (And that would be why I don’t get drunk very often! LOL)

We stayed at the brunch as long as we could, but had to leave to pick up our dog at my parents place. I think we were both looking forward to getting away from the Toronto traffic too!

Anyways, overall it was a good weekend. I’m not sure when our next wedding will be, but I’m looking forward to it! I just hope my photos turn out better and there is less of a panic to get there next time! 🙂

Fan Expo!

(Dear readers: This post is very long, but I’ve tried to keep it as entertaining as possible. Come with me on an epic journey of extreme nerdiness!)

Last weekend, my dad drove Hubby and I to the airport and off we went to Toronto. We flew on a Porter plane and sorry if this sounds like an ad, but if you ever have the choice between Air Canada and Porter, go with Porter, they are great! Unlike the miserly bastards that run Air Canada, with Porter food is included and the flight is much more comfortable. Of course, flying in general is incredibly expensive either way.  They advertise great deals, but then sneak in “fuel surcharges” and you end up paying out the nose. So we won’t be flying again for awhile. Still, it was a half hour flight vs five-six hour car ride, which was great.

Anyways, we arrive at our hotel and right off the bat, you can tell which guests are Fan Expo attendees and which aren’t-Someone wearing some crazy costume (Fan Expo), someone giving strange looks at said costumed person and clutching their luggage (not Fan Expo). I was excited, it was my first time! The next day, we get up bright and early, pay a ridiculous amount for breakfast at the restaurant in the lobby (There were no other restaurants nearby open at 8am. WTH??) and after triple checking that I had our advance passes, camera and my purse, we lineup. As we waited in line, I snuck some pics:

My brother-who has gone to many Fan Expos-warned me that the lines are long and slow and the food is overpriced. So I pulled out an issue of Sandman and smiled smugly at the snacks at the bottom of my purse, no overpriced nachos for us! After waiting in this line, we were ushered into another line, and then another, and then forced to wander inside one of those metal barricades that are set up like a maze, everyone wondering why. Maybe for the organizers entertainment, who knows? Then we finally reach it-The gates of the Expo. We stroll around:

There is an area called “Artists Alley”, in which comic book artists display their wares and you can chat them up. Or at least that’s the idea, the ones manning their booths seemed to be their friends or Fan Expo employees. Weird. After walking around some more, we lined up to meet Jeff Smith, artist, writer and creator of the beloved “Bone” series. If you haven’t read it or are looking for a nice piece of literature for your children, I recommend it! It is a very funny and sweet series that is safe for all ages!

After waiting and waiting (The guy at the front of the line droned on and on..), we met him and he was very nice! I asked some questions about how to get into the industry and his answers, while a bit general, were still appreciated. I know it seems like a long shot, but I would love it if he came to the monthly Comic Jam! I think he could come up with some pretty cool stuff! Ah well, a girl can dream right?  After a short break, we went upstairs for a mini Comic Book workshop. It was fun and the instructor gave some very useful tips, not just for making comics, but pretty much art in general. The only problem was this one annoying 16-year-old kid who kept raising his hand and blabbing out long winded answers in his squeaky, nasally voice. Clearly the kid thought himself very smart and wanted to prove it to the instructor-and the rest of the class. Personally, I wanted to smack him! People were there to learn from an industry pro, not some know-it-all teenager, particularly since the class was only an hour, but eventually I just learned to ignore him and focus on what was being taught.

Our last activity of the day was what brings most people to Fan Expos/Comic Cons-The celebrities. Most of the time the guests at these events star-or starred in- science fiction, horror and fantasy movies. Since this was my first Expo, I naively thought that I could meet almost everyone there, no problem. Unfortunately this is not how things go.To get an autograph, you have to get in line, pay $40-50 for a photo glossy and after two seconds the celeb signs it and says: “Next!”. For a photo op, you have to wait in another line, pay ahead of time and wait in another line upstairs for them to grace the room with their presence.
So to sum up: Fan Expo=Waiting in line+paying $$ for the priviledge of standing next to another human being for a photo or the joy of owning a scribbled on photograph.
Yep, it’s nuts, but as much as this non-psychophant hates to admit it, it is kind of exhilerating! I met Malcolm McDowell and was SO nervous!
Him (In his wonderful, one of a kind voice) : “Hello sweetheart”
Me (shaking, wide eyed): “I know this sounds trite, but I really love your films. You’re so talented”
Him: “Oh that’s not trite. Thank you.”
Hubby snuck a photo of us and I definitely looked crazy, my eyes the size of saucers, clutching my photograph. But what can I say? I’ve been a fan of his since junior high!
My next celeb was Lance Henriksen. (No photo, sorry. Click here to see Lance) My brother told me that the guy was nice and he wasn’t kidding-Lance is very cool and easy to talk to! Lance played the cyborg Bishop in “Aliens”, as well as starred in a great vampire movie “Near Dark” and the TV show “Milennium”. He also has an autobiography out called Not Bad for a Human. I had a hard time deciding whether to buy his book or pay for an autographed photo, I decided to get the photo and read the book later. When I told him that I wanted to hang the picture in my kitchen, he wrote “What’s for breakfast?” on it, which made me laugh. Our last celeb was Katie Sackoff for my brother. She was nice too. I also got this snap of Kevin Sorbo nearby:
It was quite the scene of controlled chaos, fans on one side in lines, celebrities sitting in chairs, Fan Expo employees screaming at anyone who dare cut in front of people and cross the threshold to take (free!) quick picture with their cameras of the celebs. I watched a three foot woman practically give the beat down to a guy who did just that! I know that they want to squeeze all the money they can out of us, but what a racket-noise-wise and money-wise! We emerged from the packed celeb area and wandered around the also busy hallway, full of costumed people and kids doing some kind of dance. Here are some random shots:
Finally after being tired of all the craziness, we left and landed right in the middle of late NDP leader Jack Layton’s funeral. It was a sea of orange:
The service was broadcast on a giant screen and on the televisions inside a pub where we ate lunch. I’m more of a Liberal, than an NDP person, but it is sad that Jack passed away so young. He was a very charismatic leader and I definitely think his heart was in the right place on certain issues.
After more walking, Hubby and I went back to the hotel and spent the rest of that evening casually strolling around the business district of Toronto.  The CN tower was lit up with orange lights and the air was warm, it was a quieter end to a busy day.