Toronto Wedding

Last, last, last Thursday, we went to Toronto again, this time for a wedding. Getting there was nuts because Hubby had to be at the bachelor party for the groom at 4:30pm. (!!)

They-the grooms brothers- organized a bachelor party at 4:30pm, on a Thursday in downtown Toronto! (?) Ahhh!!!

So we had to boot it all the way there with only one, very brief stressful stop for lunch, check into our hotel quickly and Hubby had to change and cab it the rest of the way in godawful Toronto traffic! (The Toronto Exhibition was also on during this time) It was less than fun. But he got there eventually and they all partied on. As for me, I stayed behind in the hotel, listening to the sounds of cars rushing by on the highway. Turns out our hotel was pretty much right on the highway. I put some earplugs in and tried to turn on the air conditioner, but it was still really loud! We were able, however, to change rooms so we were facing Lake Ontario. SO much better!

The next day, we went out to “Easy Restaurant” for breakfast. It’s a smallish, low-key place with a Easy Rider theme. Very cool! If you’re ever in the Queen Street West area, I recommend visiting. The food and service is

Mural at the back area. I thought it was pretty nifty:

We strolled around for the rest of the day and visited a friend who was offering her house to many of the wedding guests for the weekend. Her boxer dog was there, but was a bit wary of us for some reason. Normally, dogs love us, but I guess we were two more bodies in an already fairly busy house! She came around eventually though! Here is a blurry photo of Roxy the Boxer:

Then we hurried back to our hotel, changed into our finery and made it to the church. The ceremony was nice, usual stuff, I suppose. Having babies was mentioned about fifty times, and was reiterated again throughout the rest of the weekend. So I’m sure it won’t be long before we find out the bride is pregnant. 😉 The reception was held at Ontario Place at the Atlantis Pavilion. We could see the Toronto Fair in the distance, a million lights decorating rides and signs. It is a really
beautiful spot to have a wedding reception.

It was a good time, everyone was happy and smiling. It was open-bar, so I indulged (Hey, it was free!I’ll take anything that’s free!) So by the end of the night, I was pretty buzzed. For some reason, some people considered me being intoxicated very noteworthy, but hey it’s a wedding and I wanted to have fun! I rarely get drunk, but when I do, I just get happy and like to dance. Nothing wrong with that!

Of course, the next morning, I paid for indulging so much and felt fairly ill at the sight of the pulled pork sandwiches that were served at the brunch for the couple. Blech! (And that would be why I don’t get drunk very often! LOL)

We stayed at the brunch as long as we could, but had to leave to pick up our dog at my parents place. I think we were both looking forward to getting away from the Toronto traffic too!

Anyways, overall it was a good weekend. I’m not sure when our next wedding will be, but I’m looking forward to it! I just hope my photos turn out better and there is less of a panic to get there next time! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Toronto Wedding

  1. allison

    Weddings are fun, especially when they’re not your own (less stress – except trying to get through downtown TO traffic for a poorly planned bachelor party). Long live the open bar.

  2. leashieloo

    The view is amazing, it sounds like it was a great time! And ugh, you and me both on the drinking. I don’t really do it often, so it’s like I “make up for it” by excessively drinking. Then the next day I feel like death and promise to never drink again. It’s a vicious cycle 🙂

  3. Zhu

    Cool place to get married! I wanted to check out the fair but it was pouring rain on the Sunday.

    Isn’t 4:30 p.m. a bit early for a bachelor party? I don’t have much wedding experience but I always though it was a late night thing.

  4. Pauline Post author

    Bluntdelivery-LOL, you dirty bird! (I’m surprised I didn’t think the same thing about the name of the restaurant!)
    Allison-Yeah this was one of the more stressful ones that I’ve been to as a guest, but maybe that’s why they had an open bar! 😉

  5. Pauline Post author

    Leashieloo-It was an amazing view, there is something about late summer fairs. Yes, with drinking you forget how sick you were last time, so you tend to think that it won’t be so bad. And then it is or worse!
    Zhu-Sorry we missed you! 4:30pm is WAY too early for a bachelor party, but it wasn’t me that organized it, so I couldn’t do much about the time.

  6. Pauline Post author

    VioletSky-We actually never went to the Ex, we could just see it from a distance from the Pavilion at night. I hope you had a good time there though.

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