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Waiting and Working

The ball is slowly in motion and I have been busy getting the administrative parts organized, along with creating works to submit with my portfolio. The admin part of applying to a college program in Ontario is done through Ontario Colleges and goes like this:

-Create an account and password

-They give you account and application numbers

-Pay $89 to apply to desired program(s)

-Send them your high school and college/university transcripts


-Wait some more

-Accept or deny letters of acceptance

Somewhere in between sending transcripts and accepting, you submit your portfolio and wish it luck.

I’m all set up in the system, paid the fees and they received my university transcript, it’s just my high school transcript that still hasn’t arrived yet.

On Remembrance Day, I went to my old high school to pick up my transcript. Being back in that building was a bit weird, but the place hasn’t changed too much. There are pictures of strangers on the wall who I didn’t recognize, but sure enough after a bit of browsing, I did find the keeners from my year who ran student council and familiars who won awards. As I watched a few teen stragglers drag their feet to the day’s assembly, I felt relieved to no longer be in high school. The secretary who gave me my transcript likened it to a “prison”, which I found a pretty accurate analogy. Anyways, $24 later, she handed me my transcript, which I delicately tried to stuff in the mailbox the following Monday.

So now, I’m just hoping that it has arrived in Guelph not to much worse for wear and they will send me a confirmation about it soon.

With most of the admin stuff out of the way, my main focus now is creating a brilliant portfolio and drawing tests. The tests involve redesigning a jewelry ad and drawing a self portrait. True story: If you Google “jewelry ad”, you end up with lots and lots of photos of naked chicks! Like porn for yuppies. But I guess sex sells and all that jazz. Somehow I don’t think if I designed an ad in the same way it would go over very well…or would it? ūüėČ

Apart from the school preparation stuff, it’s been pretty busy: We went to one of Hubby’s work party events and have another one this Friday, plus we are hosting our first ever “Festivus” party this weekend!¬† My Thursday night drawing classes are winding up too, the teacher asked me to bring my watercolour set to class. Three hours of drawing and painting nude people fun! Lastly Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule season is coming up, so we’ve started shopping and will be decorating the house soon. Lots going on!

Major Life Change! (For the Better I hope!)

Not too long ago I made a major life decision: I’m going back to school. Full time for the next three years.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was one I felt I had to make. My job is going nowhere. I’m overqualified and the work is not exactly what I envisioned doing for the rest of my life.

So I’ll be making the leap into another career where I will use my visually creative skills more often, as opposed to just sneaking in some ‘drawing time’ at lunch. So after much rumination and talking, I’ve decided to pursue Graphic Design.

It’s an intimidating process for various reasons: I’m thirty years old, I’ll have to give up a steady pay cheque in a fairly secure job and will have to look into student loans, not to mention the fact that we’ll have to put off home ownership for at least another three years. Reproducing will also be put on hold (If you can do it than that’s seriously amazing, but I would prefer to not juggle studies and kids), which makes me a bit sad and nervous, as the closer you get to forty, the less likely you are to have a choice on that subject anymore. But if I had to pick between owning a home and having a baby but giving up on self actualization and career satisfaction vs. going off and pursing my passion, I would pick the latter any day of the week!

The past few months have been tough though: My mind has been a sea of regret, drifting back to my early twenties, prodding me with questions like : “Why the heck didn’t you go to art school when you were still living with your parents?” or “Why didn’t you jump into Graphic Design shortly after your Psych undergrad?” All I can answer is that I was and still am interested in Psych, but after realizing that grad school wasn’t for me, I naively thought I could be happy working a clerical job full time and doing creative stuff part time. Finding a well paying (or any type of paying) career in the arts field is also very difficult, so it just didn’t seem very practical at the time. Plus, my twenties were when I met and married Hubby and we had lots of great adventures together, and I also traveled to Scotland and Vancouver, which would have been more difficult financially to do had I been in school at the time.

It wasn’t until semi-recently, that I decided that I should just follow my heart and if I end up broke, then so be it, at least I tried! After reaching the big 3-0, I believe that I now know myself better and what is important to me and having a better career is at the top of that list! The time for daydreaming is over and now it’s time for preparation and work and I am looking forward to it!

How about you readers: Are you happy with your career? Are you considering going back to school?


Remembrance Day and Skyrim Weekend

Last Friday was Remembrance Day for us Canadians and for those of us in the public service, a holiday. It’s a day to reflect on the first world wars as well as the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. If you have never witnessed or live in a country that is being torn apart by war, it should be a time of gratitude. I’m currently reading “Mans Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist and Jew who was sent to work in various concentration camps before being liberated. Living in such harsh and brutal conditions, he looks for¬†psychological techniques of surviving through such hell. It’s a great book so far, and makes me feel very grateful for living in a free, democratic country where for the most part, there is a separation between church and state. Where I am not oppressed for my gender, race or religion and don’t have to worry about suffering jail time or execution for expressing my social and political views. It’s certainly a gift as there are still many people in the world who don’t have these luxuries.

The most conflict that I hope we ever see is in our growing library of videogames. Friday was the day that the much anticipated Skyrim was released and I bought it for Hubby as a belated birthday present. He’s been anxiously awaiting its release for awhile now, and upon reaching the videogame store, so have a million other fanboys. The lineup for the pre-order went out the door! At one point, a UPS delivery lady carrying more Skyrim came into the store and practically had to beat the avid¬†gamers away with a stick! It was pretty hilarious. But I got Hubby’s copy, along with another game that I gave him as a joke with the line of “Sorry they were all out of Skyrim” . I was going to buy him “Barbie Horse Adventures” but then realized that I didn’t really want that sitting unplayed¬†around my house, so I bought “Little Big Planet 2” instead. (Something slightly less girly and ridiculous and hence is more likely to be used)

So long story short: He didn’t buy my “They were sold out of Skyrim” story and grinned from ear to ear when he found it. (I hid it in my house just to tease him some more)

Anyways, I’ve also now been sucked into the Skyrim madness. The only bad thing is that naturally on XBOX,it’s already glitching. Urr! Frickin’ Bethesda! Ah well, what can you do? It give me more time to play
Little Big Planet. ūüôā

First photo:

Skyrim image:

Halloween 2011

Halloween was pretty low-key, it’s getting more low-key with each passing year. Halloween is basically a day for two groups: Little kids and college or just post college-age kids: When you’re little, you delightfully marvel at your
treasure trove of treats and when you’re in your early twenties, you wear a slutty/pop culture related costume, get drunk, dance like an idiot and then eat leftover candy to take your mind off the wicked hangover the next day.

But when you near or reach the age of thirty, it’s all too much hassle, so you settle in for the night and smile at the kiddies who come to your door. Or maybe this is just me. But y’know what, I was glad to stay at home and take it easy and we did go to Saunders earlier, so it’s not like we didn’t do any Halloween activities. So perhaps, its not Halloween per se that’s for younger people, but just Trick or Treating and hard core partying.

On the Saturday before Halloween, we also went to the off-leash dog park for a doggie Halloween party, all the dogs were running around in their costumes. There were some very cute ones!

Tigger from Winnie the Pooh:

It’s a dog in a tie! This dog sat perfectly still for a long while and didn’t try to take it off, unlike Selena who rolled on the ground¬†around in her Halloween shirt and rubbed against me:

Hubby hates it when I put clothes on Selena or other anthropormorphizing activities, like having her photos taken Santa, but in my defense, I only do this once in awhile. (If I start carrying her around in a stroller though, please shoot me! ;))

Halloween itself was on a Monday this year and I brought a pirate hat and hook to work, as well as brought a cd with music from Horror movies and shows, which my coworkers enjoyed. Not too many people wore costumes, which is weird
considering that it was only a few years ago that my work group (98% middle aged people) all dressed up and decorated the place. But some still were in the spirit, so that was good. Our small but lively group got our photo taken.

What did you guys do for Halloween? Did you dress up for work?