Remembrance Day and Skyrim Weekend

Last Friday was Remembrance Day for us Canadians and for those of us in the public service, a holiday. It’s a day to reflect on the first world wars as well as the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. If you have never witnessed or live in a country that is being torn apart by war, it should be a time of gratitude. I’m currently reading “Mans Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist and Jew who was sent to work in various concentration camps before being liberated. Living in such harsh and brutal conditions, he looks for psychological techniques of surviving through such hell. It’s a great book so far, and makes me feel very grateful for living in a free, democratic country where for the most part, there is a separation between church and state. Where I am not oppressed for my gender, race or religion and don’t have to worry about suffering jail time or execution for expressing my social and political views. It’s certainly a gift as there are still many people in the world who don’t have these luxuries.

The most conflict that I hope we ever see is in our growing library of videogames. Friday was the day that the much anticipated Skyrim was released and I bought it for Hubby as a belated birthday present. He’s been anxiously awaiting its release for awhile now, and upon reaching the videogame store, so have a million other fanboys. The lineup for the pre-order went out the door! At one point, a UPS delivery lady carrying more Skyrim came into the store and practically had to beat the avid gamers away with a stick! It was pretty hilarious. But I got Hubby’s copy, along with another game that I gave him as a joke with the line of “Sorry they were all out of Skyrim” . I was going to buy him “Barbie Horse Adventures” but then realized that I didn’t really want that sitting unplayed around my house, so I bought “Little Big Planet 2” instead. (Something slightly less girly and ridiculous and hence is more likely to be used)

So long story short: He didn’t buy my “They were sold out of Skyrim” story and grinned from ear to ear when he found it. (I hid it in my house just to tease him some more)

Anyways, I’ve also now been sucked into the Skyrim madness. The only bad thing is that naturally on XBOX,it’s already glitching. Urr! Frickin’ Bethesda! Ah well, what can you do? It give me more time to play
Little Big Planet. 🙂

First photo:

Skyrim image:


2 thoughts on “Remembrance Day and Skyrim Weekend

  1. Zhu

    I owe you an email, sorry, it’s been a weird week (yes, again!) 😉

    I always end up working on November 11 so I never had the chance to see the ceremonies downtown.

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