Desserts, Class and Festivus!

For our first Festivus, I made some cookies-Poppy seed cheese and Whoopie Pie. The cheese ones turned out really well and kind of taste like shortbread with a hint of cream cheese in the middle:

The whoopie cookies are from Food and Drink magazine and I made them while Hubby went to his work’s holiday party. I was going to go to that party but have been experiencing weird foot and ankle soreness lately, so the idea of standing around holding a glass of wine all night in heels wasn’t probably the best idea:

Their holiday parties are usually pretty good, but I just needed to relax a bit. On Thursday night, on my way to art class, my ankles were really stiff and combined with a blah day at work and PMS, I was verging on gloominess. As mentioned, we were given free reign in the last two classes-The model struck one pose for three hours and we could depict her in an medium we wanted. I picked watercolour, which I love. During the first hour and a half, I was really far away and getting aggravated at how small she was on my paper. Plus, our teacher had this really annoying Bjork album on repeat, so we got to listen to weird wailing the whole time!

Normally, I love Bjork and have a few of her albums, but the one we heard in class was not good. I like listening to music while I paint, but not if it’s grating or too loud, it’s too distracting!  Luckily, however, I managed to switch places with another student, up close to the model and the teacher eventually changed the music to that Snow Patrol album that was popular awhile ago. Here is the end result of my picture:

I was using some inexpensive portable brushes that come in a little case, rather than my usual pricier ones. They work alright, not great, but they’re cheaper, so I guess you can’t expect too much. There are three teenage girls in the class and one of them was talking to me about her watercolour pencils. She showed them to me later and they have definitely peaked my interest. Something to try perhaps in the future. This image was captured also with my camera, not with my scanner. A new scanner is definitely something I need-because the one we have right now works about half the time and the rest of the time divides up the picture in separate, weird files. Anyways, during the class, my mood was also lifted a bit by the chirpiness of my classmates and people from other classes who were converging on the sink in the hallway to clean up their brushes.  One guy talked about the necessity of having a bucket while painting, while another joked around with me. The people in my class were in similar good spirits and everyone is very excited for the potluck we’ll be having for our last class next week. (I’m bringing fruits and veggies or rather Hubby is bringing them!)

So that’s it for me right now, I have a Festivus party to plan for, speaking of which, what do you guys think of our Festivus Pole? (aka Shower curtain rod wedged into a Christmas tree stand):

Pretty awesome right? 😉 Have a great weekend!


12 thoughts on “Desserts, Class and Festivus!

  1. Life Is Ducky

    OH. MY. GOSH. WANT those poppy cheese whatever omg cookies. FB me the recipe puhleeeeease! 😀

  2. Pearl

    cookie exchange. yum! I was tempted by doing that but the one I knew about calls for making 5 dozen. and y’know, nope.

    relax at holidays? isn’t there February for that?

  3. ZhuZhu

    The cookies look awesome!

    The weather is so blah today… I feel like crap. To much grey-ness already, let’s have some snow or some sun!

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