An Entertaining Last Drawing Class

Here is another pre-holiday post on some recent events: My last drawing class was last Thursday. We were having a potluck, but I wasn’t sure exactly how much food people were bringing, so out of fear of being hungry, I chowed down on a bison burger at Aude Dubliner across the street before class. Have you ever had bison? It’s actually pretty tasty. (Oh and I guess now is the time to confess that I’m no longer a vegetarian. Though I try to go veggie at least once a week, which is better than nothing right? )
                                         I am not a vegetable!
Anywho, I eat my burger, pay the bill, go to class and people start arriving with lots and lots of grub! One person brought a roast chicken and another a pizza! I was kicking myself for spending money on hairy cow with all this free gloriousness around, but ah well. After chatting, eating and drinking of wine, all the students and teachers got together and began painting or drawing the model. I set up my watercolours and it went well…right up until the point that I absently put my arm down in the wrong place and got covered with my paints, which was just slightly mortifying. Thankfully, a super cool guy came and helped me clean up. Here is the finished portrait:
My other socially awkward moment (I have a few) came when the model took a break and complained about her left foot hurting. I nodded in sympathy and said:
“You have really nice feet” and she kind of gave me a weird look and said “Thanks”
And it was at that point that I felt like a total weirdo, but it’s not like I said it in a creepy, foot-fetish way. I was more intending it as a compliment, because good feet are rare. But posing nude in front of people, I guess your bound to encounter some perverts who are in the class for the wrong reason, so she’s probably learned to be weary.
It was around this time that Hubby called and said he was downstairs. My instructor had invited him to the potluck. He came in, saw the naked chick in the room and went 180 degrees the other way. Two minutes later I got another call “You didn’t tell me that there would be a nude person in the room!”
“Sorry I figured you would have known since this is a figure drawing class” I responded
“Eh, I’ll wait. Call me when you’re done”
After class, he told me he didn’t want her to think he was leering at her, which I guess makes sense, but nudity isn’t a big deal to me and I just wanted him to see my work and meet my instructor. However, after the foot thing, it may have freaked out the model to suddenly see a strange guy looking at her. LOL
Anyways, after she was fully clothed, Hubby did meet my teacher who tried to get us out for drinks, which we politely declined. After working all day and hainging around the school, I imagined Hubby wanted to go home. I hugged her anyways and thanked her for a great class-She is so down to earth and funny and I’ve learned a lot. It was such a positive and supportive learning environment and the potluck really put a nice end to it.

9 thoughts on “An Entertaining Last Drawing Class

  1. pinklea

    Actually, that’s not so strange to eat before a potluck. I have a couple of friends who make a point of always doing just that, because of allergies. They simply don’t want to be so hungry that they mistakenly eat something that either causes a life-threatening reaction or makes them throw up.

    I don’t think your comment about the model’s nice feet was weird, either. Some people really do have lovely feet (but maybe that’s only in comparison to the claws the rest of us have!).

    It may be a little weird that your Hubby didn’t want to stay while the model was nude, though. He’s a guy, right? Aren’t guys always interested in gazing at naked women? 😉 (hee hee hee!)

  2. leashieloo

    My boyfriend has been trying to get me to try bison, but I have a mental block for some reason. How strange it would be to be a model like that, I imagine she has all sorts of crazy stories!

  3. Finola

    I think it was nice to tell the model she has nice feet. Perhaps she just wanted more considering how much of the rest of her was exposed? Not sure, just trying to put myself in the model’s shoes *ahem!*

    I love the painting by the way….the way you captured her expression is interesting in that I can just picture the real person in front of you.

  4. Pauline Post author

    Finola-Maybe. I’ll admit it’s not a “typical” thing to comment on, but when I notice things I say them. Thank you for the compliments on the painting. One day I hope to go bigger with painting people. 🙂

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