Holiday Appreciation

As the holidays slowly creep closer and closer, I’ve been thinking about all the positive things in my life. Things aren’t perfect, but I have Hubby, my beautiful pets, our nice little rental house along with newfound hope and ambition for the future. And after some more initiative in the kitchen, I now have peanut butter marshmallow squares. Yum!:
Next will be the snowbars!  Food always makes me feel grateful! 😉
During the past few weeks, I’ve had some great times with friends, my mother and I went to the Lansdowne Craft Sale for about the twentieth year in a row, and Hubby and I will be eating breakfast this week at our old breakfast hangout-Eggspectation. Just a nice romantic holiday outing for the two of us early in the morning. (It will be a nice change from the powdered instant coffee and oatmeal that I usually eat at my desk!)
This Christmas weekend I get to see my parents and my brother and his girlfriend, as well as show some love and attention to my grandmother who will tell me-rightly so-that I don’t call or visit nearly enough. (Sorry Grandma! I promise to try harder in the new year) We will spend some time with my in-laws, who I will try to think, critique because they care and are pretty great as far as in-laws go. (It could be worse!)
Thinking of the holidays also makes me realize how lucky I am to have such a “normal” (ie. Not completely disfunctional) immediate family. My parents worked hard to give my brother and me everything we wanted and made sure we felt loved. Growing up, every Christmas, birthday and then new year was special and they still are, which makes me feel very blessed.
As cornball and “Christmas special” as this sounds, being around such great people and having warm food and shelter are some of the best gifts that anyone could ever receive and I just want to say thank you to all the special people in my life.
This will probably be my last post for awhile, so I would like to wish you all the best in the holiday season and remember to give a hug to your loved ones-friends and/or family- not just for the gifts, but for being there.

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