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More Random Stuff!

I’m still here! Here are some more random things that happened (Since I’m too lazy to write out a big, concise paragraph, so here are a bunch of fun little unrelated ones):

-Last week was Chinese New Year and we had the annual potluck at my work. While at the latest Asian superstore, I picked up some snacks for the event along with New Year decorations and hung them in my office. Anyways, a Chinese guy came by one day and after I pointed them out, he asked: “But why is this one upside down?” The thing had been hanging upside down on my door all week and no one told me! *palm face*

-After hearing some glowing reviews, I ordered the book “The Cube People” by Christian McPherson and cannot put it down! It’s refreshingly honest and hilarious and written by a fellow Ottawan about living and working in our fair city. One day, I took it out on a bus and this guy tappped me on the shoulder. “Isn’t that book great?” He smiled. “Oh yeah!” I replied. “My wife and I couldn’t stop laughing while reading it!” he said. There you go, random bus stranger approved! Buy it!

-Feeling inspired by the above mentioned book, along with Finola who sent me a short story she submitted for Canada Writes, I’ve begun writing my first short horror story.(Which will not be going to Canada Writes!) It’s the first time in a while where I have gotten an idea and just sat down and typed away as opposed to starting, stopping, overthinking, trying to start again and then giving up. Wish me luck in finishing it and it disturbing and grossing out at least a few people!

-Remember that guy, aka the Thermometer Nazi, who I mentioned earlier? Well a couple weeks ago, he barged into my office and practically yelled at me while I was on the phone. “Do you want us all to freeze?!” he demanded. Apprently someone had ‘dared’ turn down the thermostat in the lunch room, but it wasn’t me and I let him know in a pretty miffed tone. But he thinks we should all just deal with having +30 temps and full sun and lights so he can run around practically naked in the winter months! Urg! Most of my coworkers are o.k, but some of them are really starting to grate on my nerves and/or make me scratch my head and wonder what the hell is wrong with them. Every job can have its bad moments and people, and I’ve been trying to focus on all the positive aspects of mine and the less crazy/annoying coworkers, but it’s been tough since my departure feels overdue. (But alas, I need to save up some money first!)

-Dexter is done for this season, along with Boardwalk Empire, and Game of Thrones won’t start up again until April! But never fear, the new season of Spartacus is back on! All the sex, violence, plot twists and British/New Zealand actors continuously yelling the word “cock!!” you could ever want! I’m more than a little excited!*

-On Friday night, I went over to a nice dinner party with some friends who I see rarely (*waves*) Dinner was great, as was the wine and dessert. Our hostess then gave us a tour of her new-ish house and we went into the basement to play the Wii where I played the Micheal Jackson Experience for the first time and half assed it by sitting down and waving my arms around the whole time. I hit the person accidently next to me, but it was only in the arm, so yay! No major injuries! (Hey for a klutz like me, that’s progress!)

So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed more randomness!

*The show will probably not be the same without Andy Whitfield though. RIP*

Happy Things!

No sparkling huge news to report just this second, but I thought for the sake of trying to keep warm in this godawful January weather, I would post a few random happy things:

-I helped organize a retirement party for a coworker friend. Despite someone sending me emails panicking about the fact that it was at the exact same time as some other work function, it was a huge success. My friend thanked me three times and gave me big hugs. There was a bit of stress organizing and a small organizer power struggle, but in the end he really loved his party and felt loved, so yay!

-Yesterday morning a coworker marched up to me and said: “Holy crap, you are photogenic! Did you see the photos of you at the retirement party? Gorgeous.” To answer her question, yes, I have seen the photos and grimaced afterwards. I thought I looked so out of place and awful in those photos, so hearing her kind words made my morning.

-Despite the fact that it kinda sucks, I have been getting up an hour early twice a week to work out before work. It’s sweaty, groggy craziness and I am going to up it to three times a week!

-That same complimenting coworker left a cheese scone from Herb and Spice on my desk. Clearly the woman is awesome!

-Skyping with Travis last night! Hi Travis!

-With the Comic Book Shoppe gift certificate Hubby gave me, I bought two great new comics-Sweet Tooth and Fables. I really liked both, but may spend the rest of the certificate on more Fables issues. If you haven’t heard of them, they are a grown-up twist on beloved children fairy tales. Great stuff!


-I designed three wine bottle labels and am pleased with the results. They almost look professional!

What are some recent happy/positive events in your life?

Cat picture-


Created by Bill Willingham-

Worrying..Enough Already!

A friend recently announced on Facebook that they had quit their job so they could work full-time as a writer. They had always dreamed of becoming one and they’re going to give it their best shot. I hope they succeed because A) They are a great writer and person and B) As a fellow dream chaser or at the very least, a-striving-for-better-lifer, it would be very encouraging.

Anyways, this person later posted a link to a great article called “25 Things every writer needs to stop doing” and top of the list was worrying. It’s a useless habit, the author says, and kind of like that old episode of MAD TV with Bob Newhart, admonishes the anxious writer and says “Stop it!”

Easier said than done, but in all honesty, he’s absolutely right. It is a bad habit that achieves nothing positive and is certainly not restricted to aspiring or established professional writers. After coming back to work and muddling through the blues and crankiness, I’ve also been worrying about my future: What if I don’t get into the Graphic Design program? What if I hate it? It’s tough, what if I can’t hack it? What if I can’t find decent summer temp jobs? What if we run out of money? What if I take the program, graduate and still hate my job? Or worse: What if I can’t find a job? Graphic Design is a pretty saturated market, lots of creativity and talent out there.

And then comes the wave of regrets and ‘What was I thinking not pursuing this sooner?’ broken record..

There’s also a portfolio workshop at the college coming up next month. You bring your book(s) and those in charge of the more creative programs (Graphic Design, Animation, Interior Design) give you some input. While I am proud of my eagerness, I am scared to death of that day. I spent hours working on my portfolio, what if they don’t like it? I very well may go completely batshit.

But all this worrying is giving me a migraine and cutting in on my precious sleeping, so y’know what? Fuck it. I am working my ass off to get in, all I can do is hope they appreciate the effort and give me a chance. I have researched this career, audited classes and it sounds right, nay it feels right, but if God forbid, I do end up not liking it in the end, then I’ll deal with it or keep fighting to find my fit. (Or at least best compromise)

Because that’s all any of us can do; Work hard, hope for the best and fight for the gratification to be proud of ourselves and our achievements.

Charlie Brown (model of anxiety and overanalysis):


B has nominated me for a Versatile Blogger award. Thanks B!

Here are the rules for the award:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

Here goes:

1. I’m an animal lover, but am mildly allergic. It’s annoying, but I’m too stubborn and too much of an animal nut to give up my pets.

2. Like everyone else, I’ve got flaws, but I feel like I’ve made major progress in improving or at least softening them a bit, the past while. And one of my year round resolutions is to be less hard on myself and others, happiness comes when you (finally) learn to listen to your inner voice but still realize that you and others are bound to mess up now and then. The important thing is to learn from your own and others imperfections.

3. If I had my way, the sincerely talented and those who actually contribute positively to society would get their own “reality” shows along with the compensation, while the majority of the ones currently on TV would be forced into menial jobs where their inner narcissist beast is rarely indulged or encouraged.

4. I don’t understand why women find Tom Cruise, that greasy Twilight guy, Shia LeBoeuf or Ryan Gosling attractive. I’ve had crushes on “popular” male celebrities before, but these guys don’t inspire much in me except boredom. (And eye rolling at Tom Cruise and his “Psychiatry/psychiatric medicine is evil because Scientology told me so” rants)

5. After my undergrad, I wanted to make films and had seriously considered studying at Ryerson for Film Production and even went to their open house with my father years ago. However, the idea of having to move to Toronto and into a dorm in order to pursue such a lofty career that is insanely competitive and fickle scared the hell out of me, so I decided against doing it.

6. I would love to finish at least one of my stories and maybe, if I’m really lucky, see them published. I have some solid ideas but have a hell of a time fleshing them out and writing good endings. But there are some local writing workshops and groups that I’d like to check out.

7. If despite more writing, research and attending literary social events, number 6 still doesn’t work out, I will happily accept designing book/magazine covers as a compromise. Illustrating graphic novels/comics is also very appealing to me. I am a visual artist first and foremost, plus this would provide a great excuse to feed my voracious reading appetite.

So now I have to pass this award along, but I don’t have the time to list 15, so here are seven great blogs, discovered in the past year or so- Laura Best, Always Hungry, Thoughtsappear, Blunt Delivery, Heartfelt, Avocadoexplosion and Mod Mischief.(I may have known about this blog longer than that, but her site is so cool, I just had to include it!)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It is now 2012! Today is the last day of my Christmas break holidays and I am planning on making the most of it-starting with a brand new blog post for the year.

Selena got a Santa suit!

Christmas was good, spent it with my immediate family as planned and as a new twist this year, I also spent Christmas eve not at my grandmother’s like we usually do, but at my aunt’s place. My aunt breeds King Charles Cavalier spaniels and had nine of them over the holidays, and with our dog Selena, it came to 10 dogs! It felt like Dogapalooza and it was awesome!

Well, right up until the point where my allergies started protesting, then we had to leave. My aunt did offer two different kinds of allergy meds though which was appreciated. We also had to go because Hubby had been sick all week and he needed to lie down somewhere quiet without the hair of a million dogs wafting through the air.

On Christmas Day-after getting little sleep due to our noisy, whiny dog-we opened presents and ate breakfast. There were two present themes for me this year-Zombies and scented candles, and I got both aplenty, my brother even bought me a Walking Dead action figure with chomping action:

My photo of it didn’t turn out, so I got this one from Rue Morgue, with link to toys at the bottom of the page.

I also received all the books for A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones), which I’m assuming are good, since my brother and Hubby began reading them and were hard pressed to put them down. After little sleep again, we went over to Hubby’s parents for Boxing Day. The day began with me experiencing a bout of acid reflux, which then morphed into a cold like Hubby’s, uh oh. But the food was good and I got some photos of the wild turkeys roaming in their yard:

Unfortunately my throat was so sore, I spent the rest of the day nodding and pointing, blowing my nose and hacking up phlegm, something that continued for the rest of the week.  I was still sick for my birthday-December 30- and tried to supress it with amaretto and ginger on New Years eve. Blech!

During my holidays, I had hoped to be more productive and get some more artwork done, which I did, but it was difficult since I just wanted to crash on the couch all day. But despite the crappy timing,  it was still a great holiday and I hope yours was too! 🙂