Belated Valentine’s Day!

Belated Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! What did you do? We stayed home and ate pizza, it doesn’t sound romantic but it was. sauce!

Hubby bought me chocolates and a bottle of wine and I bought him a Battlestar Gallactica-inspired Snowbot:

(I took a video of it earlier, but apparently you can’t upload personal videos on here straight from your computer without paying WordPress. Ha! I don’t think so!) The picture and Bot are both from ThinkGeek.


15 thoughts on “Belated Valentine’s Day!

  1. Zhu

    That sounds romantic enough to me!

    We went to see a movie (a not-so-romantic one). I don’t care much about Valentine’s Day!

  2. Lone Grey Squirrel

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    Just in case you wanted to try it. 🙂

  3. L A Cochran

    Nice! We did the pizza and champagne at home thing for New Years. We went out to a very chi-chi restaurant for Valentine’s on the Saturday before Valentine’s and it was delicious and the service was good but it was cafeteria noisy and way more expensive than it warranted. Sigh. Should have done the pizza and champagne thing again. 🙂

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