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Trio Lounge and Bridal Shower

Last Friday, I was feeling restless and wanted to take advantage of the nice weather while it was still around, so Hubby and I went to Trio Lounge in the high gentrified, hip and urban yuppiesh environment of Westborough. Trio Lounge is a nice place to hang out, with a turntable, cushiony chairs and nice paintings on the wall. The menu consists solely of snacks, like a tappas bar, but they are surprisingly filling and delicious:

I know the photo is blurry, it was taken with my phone, but this was the best “cheese on toast” I’ve ever had! It was cottage cheese and local honey on delicious bread. The other item was mushrooms on toast, almost as delicious.

The back of the menu has an amusing article called : Are you a Douche? and lists the Douchey criteria, one of which is that if you don’t tip 15% every time you’re at a restaurant you are a douche. Funny, last time I checked, tipping was for good service. I am polite to those in the retail/food industry because I know how much it sucks, but if you’re a jerk to me despite my being nice, you don’t get 15%-20%. Do you guys agree or disagree?

The rest of the douche criteria seemed fairly spot on though. As for the other aspects of the restaurant, the service was good, though our food took awhile, which was weird considering there weren’t that many people in the restaurant, ah well. But overall, I recommend this place, it’s pricey but worth it!

The bridal shower was good, but crazy intimidating. The groom is Catholic and practically every single female member of his family was there, all chatting and laughing about the fam. For a shy, non-relative, it was incredibly awkward, but the hosts and most of the guests were friendly and welcoming. (Thank God! I would’ve hated to be around a bunch of judgey, cliquey, uptight and mean spirited women, no thank you!) There was one other token, non relative and she was thrilled when I mentioned enjoying gaming, so it looks like we’ll have some more people to play with soon. Which is great because I’ve been waiting to play Arkham Horror for awhile now! 

How do you guys feel when surrounded by strangers who all know each other? Are you shy or outgoing?

Well that was my previous weekend! This weekend probably won’t be as busy, have a good one!

More Temptation! Eeee!

Guess who’s coming to Fan Expo?

John Carpenter and two Walking Dead stars!

When I texted Hubby with this news, along with an “eeeeee!!”, he texted right back with an unenthusiastic: “Have fun”

It appears that one Fan Expo was enough for him, but he promised that he would still accompany me to Ottawa Comic Con, so he’s not getting out of all the hyped up, overpriced, crowded geekery completely. Sadly neither Carpenter nor anyone associated with the Walking Dead will be coming to Ottawa, but my brother has agreed to get their autographs for me at the Fan Expo. So yay! Speaking of which, I really need to frame and hang Malcolm and Lance. They’ve been sitting on a pile of dvd’s in our living room since last August.

In other news: We’ve been experiencing an extremely weird heat wave in Ottawa this week, as in record highs of PLUS 20-30 C! Normally the temperature in March around here is 0-10, so it has been very strange slowly wearing less and less clothing as the week progresses and whining about the lack of air conditioning. But, of course, now that it’s the weekend, it has gone back to cold and rainy. Figures!  But on those incredibly hot and sunny days, I was mighty tempted feign illness, so I could stay home and fly a kite or go swimming or something! When the weather is beautiful out, even freakishly so for March, it’s hard not to want to flake off!

This weekend, I’m going to a bridal shower and it has been awhile! I haven’t been to one since I was 16 and grossed out seeing my second cousin unwrap “joke presents” of lingerie. This time, thankfully, it’s for a friend and I had a hell of a time figuring out what to buy, and I didn’t want to buy her underwear. After asking a coworker, I decided on a table linen/napkin holder set. Here’s hoping she likes it!

If I was having some kind of shower, it would be John Carpenter and Walking Dead stuff all the way! 😉


Money, money, money

Things have been quiet at home and work. There have been continous “technical” issues at work, preventing me from doing one of my duties, so I’ve been kind of bored. There is a project due at the end of the month, but instead of being able to work on it, I sit twiddling my thumbs.

I’m trying to enjoy this free time as much as possible, because when school starts, things will be crazy busy, but it makes me think of all the more constructive things I could be doing at home. But at least it lets me keep up with my reading and gives me time to clean out some of the ancient papers that have been sitting in my office forever.

Anyways, earlier this week I discovered the physical Letter of Offer letter in our mailbox and it listed the following steps:

-Confirm with Ontario Colleges-Check!

-Pay tuition for fall term by July 15.

July 15! That’s soon! I know the date shouldn’t surprise me, but it’s been awhile since I’ve been in school. The approximate first year cost is $7,911 plus the cost of a fancy laptop.  The remaining two years combined together cost roughly $12,096. (This is based on 2011 costs, they haven’t released 2012-13 yet)

So we’ll probably have to start budgeting and spending more wisely, but there is a world of temptation out there! I mean all the trips to the grocery/pet supply stores alone really add up! Our monthly rent is also going to go up when we move, anywhere between $300-600.

But despite the additional costs, I’d really like to go somewhere this summer. Obviously it won’t be anywhere foreign, but it would be nice to go somewhere we’ve never been, we’ll see how it goes.

And to make things even more interesting-There will be TWO Sci-fi/fantasy/horror events coming to town! CAN-CON in September and The Ottawa Comic Con is coming up in May with Neal Adams and Patrick Stewart ! Yay! Two geekfests that don’t require traveling all the way to Toronto!

I got in!!!

Today I checked the Ontario Colleges site and discovered a letter of offer from Algonquin for the Graphic Design program! Yay!!!

So, after all that work, I’ll soon have lots more work but I’m looking forward to it and hope to God that I like it!

After learning that I had been accepted, I proceeded to call my mom, husband and tell work friends all about it. Hubby promised to take me out somewhere special after he’s over his cold.

The next steps will be:

-Figure out how to approach HR about going on leave, since I am going to try to hold on to this job as a safety net, just in case.

-Talk to a financial advisor about student loans. I’m hoping I won’t have to wait in a giant line in September to do that.

We’re also planning on moving closer to the school in spring or summer, so that will take some planning as well. It’s fun looking at places though.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’m so excited!!


Last weekend was spent pretty much solely working and finishing my portfolio. On Monday, after obsessively checking that I fulfilled all the requirements in the instructions about a zillion times, I got in my car and dropped it off myself at the college. Upon arrival at the Media and Design building, I found the right drop off location and spoke to a secretary there:

Me: “Hi, I’m here to drop off my portfolio”

Secretary: “Oh yes, oh woops, I spilled some of my coffee on my desk! You would kill me if I got that on your work wouldn’t you?”

Me: “Yes, yes I would”

Yep, if there was ever a time that would make me lose my shit on someone and get all stabby, that would be it! LOL! But thankfully she was more considerate and careful than that and my work was transferred to the college sans “beverage incident”.

After leaving the college, I visited Johnny Canuck’s soon-to-be wife and we chatted a bit. She’s a bit stressed about their upcoming nuptials in May, which is understandable since it’s coming up quick! I’m sure it will be a lovely ceremony and reception though. Personally, I’m really happy that part of my life is over, because wedding planning+school planning+moving would make Pauline surely go even (more) cuckoo!

So all the forms, payments and now portfolio and drawing tests are in and the waiting begins…

No, we’re just friends…

The topic of maintaining platonic relationships has popped into my brain recently. Probably because last week I went out for lunch with a male coworker, he’s just a friend and we have fun getting together over beer and a meal. We talk about work, our respective spouses (in a good way!), our histories and lots of other stuff.

It’s all very harmless, but if people saw us going out together they might get the wrong idea. And this happened years ago when I was having dinner with another male friend when someone who frequented my martial arts dojo spotted us and promptly ran off and told Hubby.

“I saw your girlfriend with another man” he said

“Oh him? That’s just so-and-so. No biggie” Hubby shrugged.

When Hubby told me about the conversation, at first I laughed, but then wondered with minor irritation where that guy got off, sticking his nose where it didn’t belong and making assumptions. That is exactly how rumors get started and things turn into some idiotic high school drama. Then I remembered that this was the same guy who bragged about “using martial arts so he could get into bar fights”. Genius he was not, so I should have considered the source. Anyways, I have always been up front with Hubby and we keep each other aware of where the other is during the day and night. Not just because of safety precautions, but out of mutual love and respect.

But it just seems so weird to me that some people think a man and a woman can’t just ‘hang out’ with no sexual agenda. I’ve always been open to friendships with all kinds of people of various orientations, ages and ethnicities, so why not men too? Everyone is an individual, but getting to know men and women can give you a little bit of better insight into their way of thinking and possibly understand your partner better.

What do you guys think? Do you have a lot of friends who are the opposite sex?