Last weekend was spent pretty much solely working and finishing my portfolio. On Monday, after obsessively checking that I fulfilled all the requirements in the instructions about a zillion times, I got in my car and dropped it off myself at the college. Upon arrival at the Media and Design building, I found the right drop off location and spoke to a secretary there:

Me: “Hi, I’m here to drop off my portfolio”

Secretary: “Oh yes, oh woops, I spilled some of my coffee on my desk! You would kill me if I got that on your work wouldn’t you?”

Me: “Yes, yes I would”

Yep, if there was ever a time that would make me lose my shit on someone and get all stabby, that would be it! LOL! But thankfully she was more considerate and careful than that and my work was transferred to the college sans “beverage incident”.

After leaving the college, I visited Johnny Canuck’s soon-to-be wife and we chatted a bit. She’s a bit stressed about their upcoming nuptials in May, which is understandable since it’s coming up quick! I’m sure it will be a lovely ceremony and reception though. Personally, I’m really happy that part of my life is over, because wedding planning+school planning+moving would make Pauline surely go even (more) cuckoo!

So all the forms, payments and now portfolio and drawing tests are in and the waiting begins…


8 thoughts on “Submitted!

  1. Pauline Post author

    Pinklea-They said it would be on the Ontario Colleges site in a week or two and I should receive the letter of offer sometime next month. Urr, anticipation!

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