More Temptation! Eeee!

Guess who’s coming to Fan Expo?

John Carpenter and two Walking Dead stars!

When I texted Hubby with this news, along with an “eeeeee!!”, he texted right back with an unenthusiastic: “Have fun”

It appears that one Fan Expo was enough for him, but he promised that he would still accompany me to Ottawa Comic Con, so he’s not getting out of all the hyped up, overpriced, crowded geekery completely. Sadly neither Carpenter nor anyone associated with the Walking Dead will be coming to Ottawa, but my brother has agreed to get their autographs for me at the Fan Expo. So yay! Speaking of which, I really need to frame and hang Malcolm and Lance. They’ve been sitting on a pile of dvd’s in our living room since last August.

In other news: We’ve been experiencing an extremely weird heat wave in Ottawa this week, as in record highs of PLUS 20-30 C! Normally the temperature in March around here is 0-10, so it has been very strange slowly wearing less and less clothing as the week progresses and whining about the lack of air conditioning. But, of course, now that it’s the weekend, it has gone back to cold and rainy. Figures!  But on those incredibly hot and sunny days, I was mighty tempted feign illness, so I could stay home and fly a kite or go swimming or something! When the weather is beautiful out, even freakishly so for March, it’s hard not to want to flake off!

This weekend, I’m going to a bridal shower and it has been awhile! I haven’t been to one since I was 16 and grossed out seeing my second cousin unwrap “joke presents” of lingerie. This time, thankfully, it’s for a friend and I had a hell of a time figuring out what to buy, and I didn’t want to buy her underwear. After asking a coworker, I decided on a table linen/napkin holder set. Here’s hoping she likes it!

If I was having some kind of shower, it would be John Carpenter and Walking Dead stuff all the way! 😉



12 thoughts on “More Temptation! Eeee!

  1. Get Off My Lawn

    I am sort of jealous. It has been a long time sonce I lived someplace close enough to conveniently enjoy a convention of any sort. I would love to soak up all that geekiness. Have fun with enthusiasm!

  2. Pauline Post author

    Get off my Lawn-That’s too bad. I believe there is a Comic Con in Vancouver every year but I guess that is still pretty far for you, maybe you could go every few years or something. Ottawa isn’t as great as other major cities when it comes to events like these, but I think it is slowly catching up.:)

  3. Pauline Post author

    Lone Grey Squirrel-I used to love Buffy in high school! Y’know my brother met the guy who played Spike on Buffy, didn’t get any photos though. Darn!

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