Trio Lounge and Bridal Shower

Last Friday, I was feeling restless and wanted to take advantage of the nice weather while it was still around, so Hubby and I went to Trio Lounge in the high gentrified, hip and urban yuppiesh environment of Westborough. Trio Lounge is a nice place to hang out, with a turntable, cushiony chairs and nice paintings on the wall. The menu consists solely of snacks, like a tappas bar, but they are surprisingly filling and delicious:

I know the photo is blurry, it was taken with my phone, but this was the best “cheese on toast” I’ve ever had! It was cottage cheese and local honey on delicious bread. The other item was mushrooms on toast, almost as delicious.

The back of the menu has an amusing article called : Are you a Douche? and lists the Douchey criteria, one of which is that if you don’t tip 15% every time you’re at a restaurant you are a douche. Funny, last time I checked, tipping was for good service. I am polite to those in the retail/food industry because I know how much it sucks, but if you’re a jerk to me despite my being nice, you don’t get 15%-20%. Do you guys agree or disagree?

The rest of the douche criteria seemed fairly spot on though. As for the other aspects of the restaurant, the service was good, though our food took awhile, which was weird considering there weren’t that many people in the restaurant, ah well. But overall, I recommend this place, it’s pricey but worth it!

The bridal shower was good, but crazy intimidating. The groom is Catholic and practically every single female member of his family was there, all chatting and laughing about the fam. For a shy, non-relative, it was incredibly awkward, but the hosts and most of the guests were friendly and welcoming. (Thank God! I would’ve hated to be around a bunch of judgey, cliquey, uptight and mean spirited women, no thank you!) There was one other token, non relative and she was thrilled when I mentioned enjoying gaming, so it looks like we’ll have some more people to play with soon. Which is great because I’ve been waiting to play Arkham Horror for awhile now! 

How do you guys feel when surrounded by strangers who all know each other? Are you shy or outgoing?

Well that was my previous weekend! This weekend probably won’t be as busy, have a good one!


15 thoughts on “Trio Lounge and Bridal Shower

  1. leashieloo

    I feel like I’m biased because I was a waitress for a period of time. I tend to leave 15% at a minimum, maybe 13% if the service was absolutely terrible.

  2. Get Off My Lawn

    I agree with Mr. White from R. Dogs. You don’t tip a McDonald’s, you don’t tip at a university lunch counter, so the rules for auto tipping just because its a food service aren’t consistent.
    Having said that, I’m a good tipper. But I reserve the right to not tip if I don’t want to. For whatever reason I feel is valid.

    I’m a douche.

  3. Pauline Post author

    Juliette Giannesini-The whole thing kinda struck me as judgmental too, and not super professional, however some of the points were valid. (ie. Homophobia) Hipsters can be very douche, in fact most of them are! LOL

  4. Pauline Post author

    Thoughtsappear-And not just a bad job, but a bad job with a unrepentant, big attitude problem, that’s what makes me want to leave less on the table.

  5. Pauline Post author

    Leashieloo-Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t service staff rely solely on tips for their income in the States? If so, then that is very understandable why you would want to leave a tip, regardless of your experience. Here, they make a wage and tips, and the tips can end up being very generous, depending on where you work.

  6. B

    I agree about tipping. It’s a reward for good service. I’m not always comfortable in a group of random people, it really depends on what’s going on, if I know anyone at all. Normally it works out after I “warm up” to everyone.

  7. bluntdelivery

    you had me at douche criteria

    before that you had me at tappas.

    i’ve back from the abyss. i have missed you my dear. glad to finally catch up!

  8. Pauline Post author

    B-Exactly, it is a reward! Why should someone who works very hard get the same amount as someone who doesn’t try at all?

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