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We found a place!!

Last Saturday, we finally found a place that is neither clogged with cigarette smoke, tiny or a total dump! We toured around and immediately I knew that it was the one. The main issue is that it’s got a miniscule backyard that backs onto a portion of a parking lot, but frankly, right now, the house itself is more important than the yard. As long as Selena has some grass to do her business, then that’s all we need and there is a park close by for her to stretch her little legs more on walks.

So after our tour, we got the money and paperwork together and submitted our application, which was approved on Tuesday! Hooray!

After finding out we got the place, I called up my mom and she said “Well that’s great honey. Y’know you better start packing”

We don’t move until July, but considering all the stuff we have, she’s probably right! Our last move was total craziness, so I would prefer this one to go more smoothly.

Nepean, here we come!

We Changed our Minds…

After a few nights of mixed feelings, we decided not to take the dog poop/smoker’s place and describing it like that definitely makes me feel that we made the right decision. The owner just didn’t seem too enthusiastic about cleaning the place up and frankly, I don’t want to give money every month to someone who can’t be bothered to clean up a dump (even one that’s in a good location) to rent it to the next tenants.

But the main thing that changed my mind is after doing some research, I discovered that indoor cigarette smoke lingers loooong after the smokers move out, even if we repainted and cleaned like crazy (Which, I’ll reiterate, we shouldn’t have to do). I’ve got asthma/allergies and don’t want the pets to get sick either, so it’s a big no.

Smokers-Quit, it’s a filthy habit that is slowly killing you and everyone around you, but if you must smoke, do it OUTSIDE!

The next place we looked at is a small place at a great location. A young girl answered the door and we found similar young people scattered all over the place. Apparently, after going to school and living together, they really don’t like each other anymore and are anxious to get away from their shared house. The place was nice and well located but kinda small, plus the parking was at this creepy garage down the path, and I would prefer our own garage or car port. (Being alone in a shared garage at night makes me paranoid)

Last night, we spontaneously decided to look at a place being advertised by a realtor. The place was really nice inside and the rent was in the $1200’s, which is cheap, but it was TINY and squished in between other houses. We have a lot of stuff and need a bit of space. I’m not expecting a mansion obviously, but a bit more room would be appreciated!

The hunt continues….

Rental Hunting

Today was our second Saturday looking for places and it felt a bit like we were re-enacting Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but with houses. The first place we looked at is located in Barrhaven, which is nicknamed “Far-haven” by Ottawans and we discovered that it indeed lived up to the humorous title. It was a beautiful house, with nice carpeting and floors, new appliances, lots of space, a whirlpool tub and shower attached to the master bedroom with walk-in closets, BUT it’s many, many miles from the school, downtown and anything other than rows of similar town homes and a mini-mall down the street. The bus service, for some inexplicable reason, is also very poor in that area, despite intensive new home development.

So, we said no to that place and went to our next property which had the exact opposite problems: The location was great, but the house was nowhere near as nice, and the cost of the rent was high. The area was basically a student ghetto, with garbage piles on every street corner, most of it consisting of pizza boxes and beer. (Our host told us that they would be switching to garbage cans soon)  The houses themselves were fairly small, with no carpeting and cheap flooring. The walls were stark white and it was cold as heck, and with a very old furnace, it made us worry about how much we would have to spend just to heat the place.

Don’t get me wrong: The homes weren’t “bad” and the area seemed fairly well managed (Except for the garbage part), but they just didn’t feel very “homey” to me and the costs were prohibitive.

Our last stop was a bit further out, but much closer than Barrhaven. The landlord introduced himself and we walked up to the front door and he rung the bell several times. A Jack Russel terrier barked at us from the front window but no one answered the door, so we went in and the dog proceeded to jump all over us with kisses. The current tenant was apparently MIA, but more interested people, all young couples, like us, also arrived at the same time to look at the place. (I didn’t like this and felt crowded, but what can you do?)

The place was messy and filled with cigarette smoke and the dog had relieved himself in multiple areas of the house, but after looking around, we discovered that if we cleaned the place up, it could be a great home to live in-Spacious, fairly central in a (mostly) great neighborhood and the rent was very reasonable.

So we’re going to apply to rent the last home and fingers crossed we get it and love it!


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Happy Easter!

Hi guys and gals,

Just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Easter! I hope you enjoyed your time off and got lots of chocolate. (We each received cute bunnies, pictured above, along with other candy and stuff from Mexico, including obligatory hot sauce) Sorry I haven’t been posting so much lately, I’ve been more focused on my art site, so you may want to check there soon because fingers crossed, there will be loads more content. (Let me know if you want the link and I’ll email it to you)

But I’ll also be posting more stuff soon..We’ve started looking for a new place to live, so I’ll be talking about that.

Anyways, I hope your week is short and enjoyable!