We found a place!!

Last Saturday, we finally found a place that is neither clogged with cigarette smoke, tiny or a total dump! We toured around and immediately I knew that it was the one. The main issue is that it’s got a miniscule backyard that backs onto a portion of a parking lot, but frankly, right now, the house itself is more important than the yard. As long as Selena has some grass to do her business, then that’s all we need and there is a park close by for her to stretch her little legs more on walks.

So after our tour, we got the money and paperwork together and submitted our application, which was approved on Tuesday! Hooray!

After finding out we got the place, I called up my mom and she said “Well that’s great honey. Y’know you better start packing”

We don’t move until July, but considering all the stuff we have, she’s probably right! Our last move was total craziness, so I would prefer this one to go more smoothly.

Nepean, here we come!


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