Moving, weddings, tuition…

Well it’s official: We’ve signed our lease and are slowly rolling towards moving mode. Boxes are being labelled with numbers along with Word documents that describe the contents of each numbered box. Hooray for being organized!

I called up a moving company and asked for an estimate on hiring a couple guys and a truck and the guy on the phone came back with $910-$1487! 

Holy shamoley! It really threw me, but apparently it takes six to seven hours for them to wrap, load, drive and unload a townhome. So right now, I’m trying to formulate cheaper ways of moving all our stuff.

Our good friend Johnny is also getting married next weekend and Hubby was away last weekend for his bachelor cabin outing. They’re pretty low-key, nerdy guys, so instead of a raucous weekend with strippers, they sat around joking, playing D&D and BBQ’ing. (Yep, I can’t say I worried about him too much when he was away. ) For some reason, no one else in this group of guys wanted to take all the excess beer, hamburgers, hot dogs, buns and giant marshmallows home, so we now are uber prepared for Queen Victoria Day and will probably be eating food served in between buns for the next two months.

Next weekend will indeed be pretty crazy: Bachelorette for the bride on Friday (I’ll try not to drink too much), Saturday is their wedding (I’ll try not to drink too much) and Sunday is Comic Con, where I will hopefully meet some great artists and minor celebs (I’ll try not to pass out from exhaustion)

Yesterday, I spoke to someone at the bank about applying for a line of credit and was shocked at the interest they charge. It’s almost criminal! So after some discussion, I think we’ll put off relying on banks for as long as possible.

Apart from all this, I’ve also been busy working on various art projects, so my written blog has been sorely neglected.

Moving…social…busy time!


6 thoughts on “Moving, weddings, tuition…

  1. Pauline Post author

    Juliette-Yep, I love the spring and summer! It is a lot of money but I’m going to try and have them move our heavy stuff during the week to save some cash. 🙂

  2. leashieloo

    Busy busy, but I know how you feel! Something must be in the air, I’m also constantly on the go and would love a moment to myself. This morning, I was so tired that I almost called off to sleep. I’m running on fumes here! I wish we celebrated Queen Victoria Day here! The sweets bloggers make for the day look amazing…perhaps I’ll celebrate anyway. 😛

  3. B

    Would it be cheaper/doable to just rent a truck and move it yourself with some friends? I can’t believe it costs that much!

  4. Pauline Post author

    B-It would, but many of our friends now have young children so getting them to help is complicated. I called the moving company back and rented three men to lift our heavy stuff during the week, when it’s cheaper.

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