Monthly Archives: June 2012

Break from a break..

Hi again readers!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello! Hello! Things are chugging along..albeit very slowly. We’ve packed up most of the basement and some of the living room and after some convincing of my pack rat husband (love you!), I managed to toss some stuff and dump other items at Sally Anne’s and run away before they notice. My father-in-law and mom have prodded us to pack faster and they are probably right, but we were away last weekend and we bought each other new distractions (ie. Art supplies and videogames), so it’s not like we don’t have any excuses. But this weekend, we will get back to it and our move will move seamlessly and joyfully (LOL! Ah, that’s a good one!)

To save people’s backs, I hired a moving company to move our heavy furniture on the Friday before the big move and we’ll be using a rented truck to haul the boxes over the next day. My father has also agreed to help me paint our future bedroom a nice cream colour, which will provide a nice refuge from the stark ‘whiter than white’ of the rest of the house. (Why do property management companies paint the inside of their houses this shade?)

In less lazy news: Hubby and I have started working out three times a week in the wee hours of the morning and today we’ll be going to buy some orthopedic (but still sexy) running shoes to replace the ones that our dog ate when she was a puppy. I have flat feet which cause me ankle, leg and back pain and was more than a little embarrassed showing my runners with teeth marks in them to my podiatrist. He suggested going all the way to the Glebe to Sports 4 for footwear. So any runners out there looking for shoes, you might want to check it out!

So all my money will go towards fancy, yet practical and necessary footwear, wall paint and supplies, big sweaty movers and a truck for our boxes. Hopefully I can scrounge together enough change!

Our awesome pull out chair is also unfortunately, on it’s last legs, and will need to be replaced, along with our glass top table that seemed like a good purchase at the time, but has since driven me nuts. (Cats + glass anything=Bad idea! Plus, there is a real lack of circle shaped dining table covers)

Anyways, I hope all you guys have been well and I’ll be over to your blogs to check out what’s happening. I missed BOLO this year, but am snooping around to see what I missed!