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What no to do during a heatwave..

After taking two weeks off to pack, move and then unpack, I insisted to Hubby that we get out of town for a bit, so I could A)Jump in a lake and B)Go to a drive in.

Neither of which turned out exactly as planned.

The whole Ottawa area had been experiencing a heatwave, and we drove up to Murphy’s Point, one of the closest parks to the city, to cool off. Unfortunately, lots of other people had the same idea and the place was packed! The park has two beaches and we picked the smaller one, thinking there might be less people, but it was also crowded. We left not long after arriving, not so much because of the people, although that did put a slight damper, but more because the sand wasn’t quite so comfy to lie on after awhile. (Prepared, we were not) Luckily, however, Hubby’s aunt invited us to her cottage so we drove there and enjoyed the space and her beach chairs.

Her son’s dogs greeted us upon arrival-One is huge and LOVES the water while the other is your usual feisty but still cute, Jack Russell.

After dinner, we went to the drive in and if there is any piece of advice I can give with this post other than the importance of bringing chairs to the beach (Or at least more than three towels), it’s to never, ever go to a drive in during a heatwave! Just don’t. It may sound intuitive, but I haven’t been a drive-in since I was nine and fell asleep during “The Hunt for Red October“, so my memories of this activity were hazy.

                                                                                                                                               Lineup to the snack bar. The last remaining moments of fresh air.

The car was like a sauna and as soon as we opened the car doors to let in a smidgen of a breeze, mosquitos would infiltrate our car and eat us alive! Of course we couldn’t leave the car turned on for air conditioning either, so we were trapped. I ended up dropping ice cubes from my drink down my shirt and Hubby’s, who jumped about two feet in the air. Heheh! We watched “The Amazing Spiderman” and frankly, it wasn’t so much”amazing” as “o.k”. The kid wore too much hair gel and there were some parts that made absolutely no sense, but we only paid $10 to see it, so I can’t complain too much.

Sunday morning was brunch with my parents who were kind enough to let us sleep over at their place on Saturday night. Brunch at least turned out as expected, the food was good, but we couldn’t stay too long as we had (and still have) more unpacking to do!

But despite these complaints, it was fun and I’d like to plan more trips out to the many beautiful Ontario parks soon!

Dicks Restaurant!

Hubby and I decided to check out some of the local restaurants in our new area. We already visited the Firkin Knight months ago after looking at potential places, along with Montana’s, which is a chain and hence the same no matter what part of the city you live in. I don’t mind chains sometimes, but my absolute favorite places are independently owned and free to do whatever they want with the décor and food. Dicks is such a place and has a 60s soda shop kinda vibe:

The seats were cushy and comfortable, the lighting not too bright and the music, of course, was top 50s-60s, which is great.  I already ate dinner, so I ordered the sundae while hubby had the veggie burger. The ice cream was wonderful and I’m pretty sure, homemade. After eating in dozens of restaurants over the years and being limited to the veggie pizza and/or burger, Hubby is pretty much an expert on what makes a good one and Dicks version was really tasty. (Or at least that’s what he told me, I’ll have to go back to verify for myself)

Service was a bit slow at times, but pleasant. They had some more “adventurous” items on the menu like kangaroo burgers, which made me wonder how fresh they could possibly be coming all the way from Australia, (Unless there’s some kangaroo farm around town that I don’t know about) but tasting the quality of the food, I’m sure they are still delicious.

So if you’re in our area and looking for a place to eat, skip McD’s and Dairy Queen, and go to Dicks instead. You won’t regret it!

Our New Place..

After much packing, back and forth trips and grunting we finally moved into our new home. My father and I painted the master bedroom on Thursday, the movers brought our heavy furniture on Friday and myself, Hubby, our parents and Johnny’s wife moved the rest of our stuff on Saturday. It was hot and exhausting but also really exciting and we are really grateful for their help! As mentioned earlier we don’t have central air conditioning here, but my in-laws gave us their old window unit and installed it in the master bedroom. It’s soooo nice!

Unfortunately our first night here proved to be more difficult for our pets. Pierre hates moving and was roaming around the new place hissing and growling at everyone and everything, while Selena howled and whined in her pen in the basement starting at 3am. Pierre is finally now more relaxed and Selena…well she sleeps in between Hubby and me, but I’m hoping that at some point she will be fine with going back to her actual bed in the basement.

Like last week, I have this week off from work and will be busy unpacking and organizing, but I’m hoping to take advantage of my free time by doing some non-moving related activities as well.

Saying goodbye to our old home…

Only four more days until our official moving day and man, it has gone by fast! To try and reduce the number of back and forth trips on Saturday, Hubby and I went back and forth to our new place this past long weekend (Happy belated Canada Day btw!)  to drop off some boxes. During our first trip we took a look around our freshly painted living room and Hubby said:

“Uh, I don’t think we’ll be able to install an air conditioner on this floor”

There are no windows on the main floor, just a front door and a sliding glass door at the back. Weird how the logistical lack of air conditioning never occurred to us before, but it being July, we definitely were noticed now. On the plus side though, it’s not that hot on the main floor. I guess we’ll just have a lot of fans in the living room.

Central air conditioning is one of the luxuries that we will miss at our new place along with lower rent, a bigger finished basement and an actual backyard, as opposed to the postage stamp that backs onto a parking lot in our next place. The off-leash dog park in our old area has also been awesome, we’ve made lots of human and dog friends there and we’ll miss them too.

But despite these complaints, we like our new place, it’s much closer to work and school and the house is still pretty nice, it’s just not as nice, but that’s a tall order.  Basically we’ve been spoiled for the past while; It was over brunch almost four years ago when Hubby’s dad offered to buy a place and rent it out to us while Hubby was in school. I was going mental in our old apartment and practically jumped for joy at the offer.

We looked around and then found a great town home all the way in Orléans, close to my parents. So the five of us-Two humans and three very co-dependent balls of fur-moved in and it has been great. Unfortunately, my parents shortly after moved to the far, far west end (They assured me it wasn’t personal. Yay, right mom! LOL) and after Hubby was all done with school, we were pretty tired of the long-ass commute. Then I got accepted into school and know you’re all caught up.

So it’s goodbye to our old home and hello to our second rented home. We’ve had some great memories of our little corner in Orléans, but it’s time to move on and we’re very excited!:)