Our New Place..

After much packing, back and forth trips and grunting we finally moved into our new home. My father and I painted the master bedroom on Thursday, the movers brought our heavy furniture on Friday and myself, Hubby, our parents and Johnny’s wife moved the rest of our stuff on Saturday. It was hot and exhausting but also really exciting and we are really grateful for their help! As mentioned earlier we don’t have central air conditioning here, but my in-laws gave us their old window unit and installed it in the master bedroom. It’s soooo nice!

Unfortunately our first night here proved to be more difficult for our pets. Pierre hates moving and was roaming around the new place hissing and growling at everyone and everything, while Selena howled and whined in her pen in the basement starting at 3am. Pierre is finally now more relaxed and Selena…well she sleeps in between Hubby and me, but I’m hoping that at some point she will be fine with going back to her actual bed in the basement.

Like last week, I have this week off from work and will be busy unpacking and organizing, but I’m hoping to take advantage of my free time by doing some non-moving related activities as well.


5 thoughts on “Our New Place..

  1. Zhu

    That’s pretty cool you get some time off for moving! I know it’s a chore though, especially considering how hot it is these days!

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