I’m free!!

My last day at work came and went really quickly! There were days in that job that seem to lag on and on, days when I felt like such a disappointment to myself, but once I decided to change my life, things started happening really quickly and there was a light at the end of a tunnel.

The last two weeks have been a great blur of free food and coworker friends who I’ve befriended over the years and support from unexpected people who would send me emails wishing me luck going back to school.

There was also some added extra financial help from my work, which was a HUGE relief, believe me!

Anyways, the past almost five years have had it’s ups and downs and I’m definitely glad to be leaving, but I’m still grateful to have had the opportunity to work there. The job was never meant to be long term and it was at the bottom of the admin chain, but it enabled me to support Hubby while he was in Law School, covered the cost of our car and awesome vacations and most of all let me learn, grow and mature into a more professional woman who now knows what she wants and will hopefully achieve it!


8 thoughts on “I’m free!!

  1. pinklea

    … and on to bigger and better things! Hope you’ll still have time to blog occasionally while you’re back at at school – I’m sure we’ll all be interested in how that goes for you! xoxo

  2. Zhu

    Congrats on your newly found freedom! It’s cool that you are making the big decisions to live the life you want. I respect that!

  3. Marie

    That is pretty dang awesome. 🙂 So glad you are moving onto something new! I hope to be able to do so one of these days myself.

    AND congrats on the move!

  4. Pauline Post author

    Pinklea-Me too, but I’ll try and squeeze in some blog time, also to serve as a resource out there for anyone considering going back to school. 🙂

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