Monthly Archives: November 2012

I’m Still Alive!

Hello dear readers! It’s been a long time, I know, but school has been really, really stressful. If I had to describe studying graphic design in two words it would be “stressful” but “gratifying“.

Deadlines are hard and fast, projects literally need to be perfect and the learning curve is steep! But I like challenges and put 110% into every single project in every single class. I’ve sweated literally on assignments out of sheer panic and fear, cried in hubby’s arms over actual or anticipated marks and there was one particular incident with one of my cats, who shall not be named, who decided to climb on me while I was working, and there was some blood involved. (I was SO not impressed!)

And as good as the program is, it can feel like they expect you sometimes to already know everything, which can be a tad frustrating. I had next to zero experience with Adobe Creative Suite when I first started, and after only one class in some of the programs, we were asked to use them to create some projects ranging from basic to fairly elaborate. So I’ve been redoing projects in these programs at home as well as getting together with a second-year tutor. I’ll pretty much do anything to get ahead and stay ahead.

That’s what this program requires, complete dedication. You can’t settle for the first design concept that pops into your brain and you have to be proud of your work. Regularly communicating with the teachers is also key, although some are easier to access for their opinion on your progress than others. It also requires time, lots and lots of time, for research and execution. For instance, I spent ten hours working on one drawing and my mark was pretty good, but there were people who spent twenty or thirty hours on theirs (One girl worked FIFTY hours on hers! Holy shamoley!) and their marks were better.

However, despite these complaints, the program is fulfilling and rewarding. They push you to think and create things and sometimes they turn out really neat! Some projects are so much fun too, and I have laughed so hard while doing them, my sides hurt! Sometimes, I’ll be walking the dog at night, which is great creative fodder btw, and smile at how much I enjoy doing my homework. (Even if it can be crazy stressful sometimes!) The other students have been helpful too, which is great, and I’ve been sure to express my gratitude to them by helping them out should they need it.

That’s it for now, but I hope you guys enjoyed my little spiel. I’m just going to keep fighting and doing my best and hopefully it will all work out!:)