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Expiration dates-How much do they Matter?


Last time we moved, we didn’t just have to move our furniture, clothing, animals and assorted junk, we also had to pack up all of our foodstuffs and it was a pain! A large chunk of it also went into the garbage. To say it was a waste of resources would be putting it mildly.

So I’m starting a new “experiment”-I call it eat-everything-in-the-house or the cheap-persons-diet; Month-old food, expired snacks, overpriced foodie stuff that my mother-in-law buys us every Christmas that we swear we will eat and then promptly forget. It’s all getting eaten by moi!

Now, I’m not eating rotten meat or things with mold colonies growing on it, I’m just not taking the expiration date on dry packaged products quite as literally as I used to. Maybe it’s a risk but I just don’t want to throw out what might be perfectly edible food that is slightly less fresh.

What about you guys? How long do you keep food? Do you eat expired goods?

More Big Changes!

Guelph1(A view of Guelph from an earlier trip, there was a lot more snow during my most recent outing)

Well we’ve decided: I’m more than likely moving to Guelph in the summer, provided they keep Hubby at his new job. As mentioned, I spent Valentine’s weekend in Guelph visiting him and it was so great! (I tell ya, long distance relationships really suck, but when you finally do get to see each other, it’s amazing!)

I also went down there to check out another college-Conestoga-and met with their Graphic Design coordinator. I showed him my portfolio along with my marks and he said that I would need to apply as an advanced year standing student through OCAS if I wanted to get into their second year program. So being the keener (and forgetful) person I am, I zoomed back to Hubby’s apartment and got right on it! Fingers crossed I can get into second year in the Fall!

I’m also hoping to take Web Design classes in the summer for fun and for the resume.
Speaking of which, I should probably learn my way around the HTML part of WordPress.

So here I am on the train on the long ride back to Ottawa, it’s boiling hot and my butt is sore from sitting down so long, but I’m happy and grateful for my weekend with my husband and can’t wait to see him Easter weekend!

Pushing Through

Thanks everyone for their nice comments on my last post. I may not have time to reply to everyone, but I do read and appreciate your thoughts.:)

Instead of wasting time worrying about what kids think of me, I’ve decided to just focus my energy on my school work and the future. Some of my classmates are nice people, but I guess I shouldn’t expect too much out of them. When I was doing my undergrad and was their age, making lots of new friends was even tougher. I knew a few people from my high school but the only other people who I hung out with were random creeps who were trying to get into my pants. Yeah, not exactly ideal and they didn’t stick around long when they learned I wasn’t interested.  But I was there to learn and spent most of my time in my pjs staring at books and eating oatmeal. (Study food of champions!)

Anyways, I’ve got focus on what’s important and besides I have friends outside of school, which is great. Plus, I’ll be seeing Hubby Valentine’s Day weekend.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?